Claudia Conway rips dad George for wading into Bill Gates divorce by asking ‘who gets the talking paper clip?’

CLAUDIA Conway has ripped her dad for wading into Bill Gates' divorce by asking "who gets the talking paper clip?"

Her comments came just months after she claimed that her mom was filing for divorce from George, but decided to "put on a show."

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On Tuesday morning, just hours after Bill and Melinda Gates announced their divorce, George quipped "who gets the talking paper clip in the divorce."

Claudia quickly hit out at her dad, retweeting his comments and saying "this is so ironic."

The teenager made the divorce claims in a documentary that she linked to in her TikTok bio.

The one-hour long video, which was uploaded in February, included clips of Claudia's TikTok lives from back in August 2020.

In a recorded live video, appearing to be from last summer, Claudia honed in on her hopes to be emancipated from her parents before dropping the bombshell claim.

She said that "hopefully I will succeed, but the odds against me aren't looking too good."

"And they were filing for divorce, my mom did final – was trying to finalize things, but I guess they're putting on this whole show for the publicity and the media," Claudia claimed.

The Sun has reached out to George and Kellyanne Conway for comment, but has not yet heard back.

The couple did not ultimately file for divorce and remain together, and were even seen supporting Claudia during her American Idol audition earlier this year.

Claudia has not since spoken up about her parents or their claimed divorce plans.

The teenager opened up about her on-going family feud in the hour-long YouTube documentary that was uploaded last month.

Just days ago, Claudia slammed her dad George for blocking her on Twitter and prioritizing politics over paying attention to her.

George was called out by his teen daughter for blocking her on the social media platform.

In response to another one of her dad's tweets, Claudia, 16, wrote: "[W]anna get off Twitter and be a parent to your four children because I’m pretty sure blocking me and telling me it would be better if i weren’t here isn’t how to parent."

George had tweeted about Long Island's Democratic delegation telling NY Governor Cuomo to "step aside" when his daughter issued the very public parenting dig.

The Conway's family feuds have often played out on social media due to Claudia's turbulent TikTok and Twitter activity.

She followed up with another tweet asking her father, "why is it that i have to use twitter to get your attention" after George tweeted about Donald Trump's former attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

One of her followers responded, "Send him a text Claudia," to which she replied, "I'm blocked".

Claudia recently appeared on American Idol with her proud parents, that saw George tear up as he boasted of his happiness at seeing his daughter on the show.

Yet just weeks afterwards, she complained that her dad "says more to our two dogs a day than he has said anything to me the past two years and his entire feed is bonnie and skipper but i support it".

Claudia seemingly turned a corner at the beginning of 2021, pledging to take a break from social media, dubbing it "a very dark place", to work on her relationship with her family.

It came after a topless photo of Claudia was seemingly posted from her mother Kellyanne's Twitter account, which left the teen suicidal.

She posted a TikTok updating her fans on her wellbeing, explaining: "I'm really happy, I'm doing really well, the situation is what it is – but I'm thriving for right now…."

"Also if you're going through anything – because trust me I know I've been there I've had a crazy couple of weeks, a crazy 16 years, but it gets better, I know that's cliché but it really does.

"Like I'm alive right now and I'm thriving, and you know like six months ago I didn't think I'd be alive but I'm here so you're here too, you'll be here too it gets better," she said.

The troubled teen has recently opened up about her mental health battles amid her public disputes with her parents.

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