CNN's John King stresses out election viewers by constantly screaming 'this is FUN' when showing complex voting maps

CNN's John King stressed out election viewers tonight as he screamed "this is fun" while showing complex voting maps.

King was the anchor operating the station's touchscreen map of the presidential election results and issuing commentary on Tuesday.

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His catchphrases on Election Night included "this is fun" – a comment he repeatedly issues as viewers grappled with the data.

But many people tuning in didn't see the fun side of the nail-biting battle between Republican nominee Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

CNN viewers expressed their hunger pangs as they watched King discuss the "buffet of possibilities for Biden.

Meanwhile, others expressed their growing desire for tequila as the CNN spoke about a "Big Dump."

"Whenever I hear John King say 'This is fun,' I imagine this," one user captioned a gif of a dog in a burning house.

"Drinking game: Take a shot every time John King says 'this is why elections are fun,'" wrote a third person.

A third user wrote: "Nothing but love and respect for John King but this man and I have extremely different interpretations of 'fun' and 'fascinating.'"

"I REALLY NEED JOHN KING TO STOP CALLING THIS EXCITING AND FUN," said another person in an all-caps plea.

"As if I wasn’t stress eating already, John King is now talking about menus and buffets,” said another tweeter. 

“Someone tell John King this isn’t ‘fun.’ This is hell,” raged another user. 

King's commentary comes as both candidates are locked in a fraught deadlock.

So far, neither is delivering a knockout blow to seal the election – meaning the result could be days away.

Florida, Texas, and Ohio were called as wins for Trump, while Arizona was called as a win for Biden by Fox News  leaving the path to 270 electoral votes up in the air.

The heated contest could come down to the key Rust Belt states that Trump won in 2016: Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Should Trump and Biden take the states they are expected to win, then the race could come down to Pennsylvania and the result may be days or even weeks away.

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