Co-founder of designer label Stax denies singing n-word

Activewear designer whose pieces are worn by Rita Ora is slammed for appearing to sing the n-word – but she insists there is more to the story as she apologises for her poor song choice

  • Co-founder of activewear brand STAX accused of singing n-word on Instagram 
  • Matilda Murray has denied the allegation and apologised for her song choice
  • Fans threatened to boycott the label after video was published on social media
  • The designer label is popular with celebrities like singers Lizzo and Rita Ora

The founder of a popular activewear label worn by celebrities like Lizzo and Rita Ora has faced backlash from customers who claimed she sung the n-word in an Instagram story.

Matilda Murray, who co-owns luxury tights and tops company Stax, sung the song Self Made after her latest collection sold out in just one minute.

The track, sung by African-American rapper Bryson Tiller, contains the racial slur, which is used by black singers reclaiming the word.

Followers slammed her on social media believing she sung the offensive slur, which the entrepreneur has vehemently denied.

The co-founder of a popular activewear company worn by celebrities like Lizzo has faced backlash after customers thought she sung the n-word on an Instagram story

‘It is extremely important to me that it is made crystal clear that I did not, do not, and would not sing nor say the n-word,’ Ms Murray told Daily Mail Australia.

‘At the beginning of the video I am singing ‘7 figure’, and then of course am purposely silent when the chorus says the n-word.’

‘Seven figure, self-made n****, blow the money, get it back the next day,’ the song is heard playing on the Instagram story from Friday.

After the video was shared, upset Stax clients took to social media to call her out, believing they heard her sing the lyric. 

‘Did anyone else see Matilda Murray (co founder of the activewear Stax) video today? I’m sure she’s saying the N word?’ she wrote.

‘Would love for someone to tell me I’m crazy because I love the brand but f**k I don’t wanna support someone like that.’

Sydney-based Matilda Murray (pictured) co-owns popular luxury activewear company STAX

Upset customers took to social media after believing Ms Murray (pictured) had sung the n-word, which the entrepreneur has vehemently denied 

Ms Murray, who has 74 thousand followers, apologised for the ‘misunderstanding’.

‘I am deeply sorry for (and hurt by) any misunderstanding that resulted from my song choice,’ she said.

‘My personal value system is vehemently opposed to any language or any actions which would not promote inclusion, equality, uplifting others, and progressing away from oppression both individually and systematically.’  

While some people disagreed on whether the brand manager sung the offensive word, others wondered why there was backlash. 

‘It seems unfair to forget that these are song lyrics, she did not write the song, she does not say it to anyone in any kind of derogative way,’ one person said. 

The cult designer activewear company STAX has been seen on celebrities including Lizzo (pictured) and Rita Ora

Signer Lizzo celebrated her 32nd birthday in the popular luxury label (pictured on Tik Tok)

Others said singing the word could be hurtful for people of African descent.  

‘Why not think about how that might look and how it might make the POC [people of colour] audience feel to see you dancing to a word that for generations has been a horrible slur when used by white people. Pick. Another. Song [sic],’ someone wrote.  

Ms Murray co-founded the cult designer activewear company with Don Robertson in 2015, which has sizes available from 2XS to 4XL. 

The popular label, with prices ranging around $45 for tops and $75 for tights, regularly sells out new collections within minutes.   

Singer Lizzo showed off her STAX tights and top this week in a social media post for her 32nd birthday, joining other celebrities like Rita Ora who have adopted the Aussie brand.    

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