Coronavirus – Dr Fauci insists US WON’T reopen by Easter as experts claim Trump’s plan could see 128million infected – The Sun

THE government’s top infectious disease expert has said the coronavirus lockdown won't end by Easter.

Dr. Anthony Fauci's warning came after President Donald Trump once again repeated his desire to see America get back to work by Easter Sunday, April 12.

America has now overtaken China for coronavirus cases, according to tallies released by the countries, with nearly 86,000 testing positive for the disease in the US.

Fauci has said the current period is "no time to pull back" in the battle against the virus.

“You've got to understand that you don't make the timeline, the virus makes the timeline,” he told CNN.

“I think what the president was trying to do, he was making an aspirational projection to give people some hope.

“But he's listening to us when we say that we've really got to re-evaluate it in real time, and any decision we make has to be based on the data.

"When you have a situation when the cases today compared to tomorrow is increased dramatically and then the next day is increased dramatically, that's no time to pull back.

"That's when you have to hunker down, nail down, mitigate, mitigate, mitigate, get the people taken care of. You have to go with the data."


Fauci and Trump have often seemingly been at odds, with the immunologist subtly countering the President’s comments, including those about China.

According to a projection done for the New York Times by epidemiologists and mathematicians, if the country started revving up around Easter, ending its two weeks of social distancing, then 128 million Americans could become infected.

The Times, however, notes "we don’t understand Covid-19 well enough to model it exactly," and, thus far, infections have yet to even cross into six-digit territory — let alone hundreds of millions.

Trump said the American people have “to go back to work, our country has to go back, our country is based on that and I think it's going to happen pretty quickly.”

He added: "We may take sections of our country, we may take large sections of our country that aren't so seriously affected and we may do it that way.”

But Trump insisted if and when that happened, people would still be encouraged to take the necessary precautions.

He said: "A lot of people misinterpret when I say go back – they're going to be practicing, as much as you can, social distancing, and washing your hands and not shaking hands and all of the things we talked about."

Trump also argued coronavirus is likely more prevalent than the numbers report because so many people may have it but don't see a doctor or get tested for it.

“Remember that people that have it – I just spoke to two people who had but never went to a doctor,” he said.

“They didn't report it. You have thousands and hundreds of thousands of cases like that.”

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