‘Cult Mom’ Lori Vallow’s kids found ‘wrapped tightly in black plastic and duct tape after cops smelled decomposing body'

THE "charred remains" of Lori Vallow's children were found wrapped in plastic bags buried in a pet cemetery on her husband Chad Daybell's property, a court has heard.

Investigators made the grisly discovery at Daybell's home on June 9. He was later charged with concealing evidence and today appeared in court for a preliminary hearing to determine whether the case should remain in state court.

Vallow and Daybell are both in custody on various felony charges tied to the case. No one has yet been charged in the deaths of the children.

The circumstances around Daybell's case extend beyond those charges, and he has been held on $1 million bond.

According to Detective Ray Hermosillo, who testified at the preliminary hearing on Monday, police found “a black, what I can best describe as a plastic bag with a round object protruding through the dirt”.

“It appeared to be a small body, tightly wrapped in black plastic, covered in duct tape,” he said, adding that Joshua “JJ” Vallow was dressed in red pajamas and black socks with the brand name Skecher written across them.

Hermosillo told the court that the remains were found in a "pet cemetery" on the property.

"I assisted in digging them up," he said.

"There was a dog and a cat.

"When I returned to that area (the Evidence Recovery Team) had already dug down and located what appeared to be a mass of burnt flesh and charred bone.

"There was a melted green bucket … the burnt flesh had been placed in. Under the bucket was a partial human skull."

Hermosillo said he and then went with other officers to Madison Memorial Hospital to collect JJ’s body from the medical examiner.

He said he observed a small child wearing red pajamas and Skechers socks with a white and blue blanket placed on top of him. The child's head was bound with several layers of duct tape tightly wrapped from his chin to forehead, according to the detective.

The little boy's mouth, wrists and ankles were covered in the tape and his hands were folded about chest high, he added.

“He had a ball of duct tape over where his hands would be,” Hermosillo said.

The complex case started to unfold when Lori Daybell's brother shot and killed her estranged husband, Charles Vallow, in Phoenix. Her brother, Alex Cox, said the shooting was in self-defense. Charles Vallow had filed for divorce, claiming Lori believed she had become a god-like figure who was responsible for ushering in the biblical end times. Cox died in December of an apparent blood clot in his lung.

Shortly after Charles Vallow's death, Lori and her children moved to Idaho, where Chad Daybell lived. He ran a small publishing company, where he published many of his own fiction books that centered on apocalyptic scenarios loosely based on Mormon theology. He also participated in podcasts about preparing for biblical end times, and friends said he claimed to be able to receive visions from “beyond the veil.”

According to the probable cause affidavit in Daybell's case, Vallow's friend, Melani Gibb, told authorities that Vallow believed her children had become "zombies." Gibb said the pair told her they were part of the “Church of the Firstborn” with a mission to lead the “144,000” mentioned in the Book of Revelation and to rid the world of “zombies”.

Charles Vallow, Lori's ex-husband, made similar allegations when filing for divorce.

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