Dani Dyer's conman lover Sammy Kimmence slammed as 's***house' by RAF engineer, 82, he left penniless in £34,000 scam

DANI Dyer's conman lover Sammy Kimmence preyed on two helpless veterans to steal their life savings.

Kimmence, 25, posed as a financial investor to scam Peter Haynes, 82, and Peter Martin, 91, out of £34,000 – with one dying penniless and the other stricken with dementia.

Former RAF engineer Mr Haynes, 82, put aside his last £8k for a new car but gave Kimmence the cash after he promised to invest it.

The TV star's partner used the same trick to scam £23,000 from former tank regiment soldier Mr Martin, 91 – who was left struggling to pay his bills.

On Monday Kimmence was warned he faced jail after he admitted five counts of fraud totalling £33,919 at Portsmouth Crown Court.

There is no suggestion Dani or her family benefited from Kimmence's crimes, or were aware of his wrongdoing.

Families of the veterans have called for the stockbroker to receive the maximum sentence of ten years.

Dad-of-six Mr Haynes told The Sun: "He's a s**thouse, it's as simple as that.
"Something like that ruins your life, at the time I was looking to buy a new car, but he took it all.

"It has changed my life. I try to think 'it's gone, forget about it and move on'.
"But you never forget somebody stealing all that money from you.

"Of course I'd like to see him in prison, but I'd prefer my money back, every penny of it.

"No amount of prison time will replace what I have lost.

"To me, theft is theft, whether it is a pound or £1,000."

Mr Haynes, who suffers from mild Alzheimer's, moved to Wakefield, West Yorks., from Okehampton, Devon, last year to be closer to his family.

Son-in-law Neil Clarke, who visits Mr Haynes every day, said: "It's shocking. The money might seem like peanuts to some people but this was Peter's life savings.

"Peter was so far away from his family. It was a terrible ordeal for all of us, we were very worried about him."

The two pensioners had been clients at a legitimate investment company where Kimmence previously worked.

He took them on when the business stopped operating and falsely claimed he was authorised to provide financial services, Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

Between 2016 and 2018 he convinced Mr Martin to transfer him £22,912 and then another £400 which left him struggling to survive.

He conned Mr Haynes in a similar way to the tune of £7,927.

Mr Martin, of Portsmouth, sadly died in November last year aged 91.

Last night his sister-in-law Kathleen Martin, 84, slammed Kimmence's dishonesty.

She added: "Kimmence's selfishness, lies and deceit broke Peter, he was penniless and never quite the same after losing his life savings.

"He had worked so hard his whole life, first in the Tank Regiment in Egypt and then later as a chief draughtsman.

"Peter's only mistake was trusting this liar with his money, it was an awful and traumatic experience for him.

"Kimmence was demanding and conned Peter who felt he had been taken advantage of.

"He wanted the money and he wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Kimmence must go to jail, he must have the maximum sentence and pay for what he did.

"He showed no respect to the older generation, he preyed on an kind elderly man who was from an age when people trusted each other, but Kimmence did not care about that, all he wanted was money."

Kimmence will be sentenced in June at Portsmouth Crown Court.

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