Devastated dad of Brit girl gang-raped in Italy tells how she has 'lost her star-bright smile' since savage attack

THE devastated dad of a Brit teenager gang-raped while on holiday with her pal has described how she has ''lost her star bright smile'' since the attack.

The two girls, aged 15 and who cannot be named for legal reasons, were targeted by an eight-strong gang who gatecrashed a birthday party at a luxury villa in Italy.

Cops say their drinks were spiked and have described the attack as ''brutal and extreme'' with four men now in custody, three on bail and another being hunted.

Speaking from his lawyer's office in Pisticci, where the attack happened, the 55-year-old dad, described the moment he saw here when he flew to be beside her.

He said: "She used to have a smile brighter than the stars. Now she no longer has it.''

The man added: ''I was in England, my eldest daughter called me on the telephone to tell me what had happened but she could barely speak.


''She was saying strange things that I couldn't understand. She was in tears and really upset. I was asking 'what's happened?'

"She just mumbled, she couldn't give me an answer.

''Then my brother answered and he told me what had happened. My whole world fell apart.''

He added: "My daughter is a strong young girl, energetic and intelligent.

"I really hope that she can recover from this as quickly as possible.''

The girls have told cops they were dragged into bushes during their ordeal which lasted 15 minutes before the men ran off – with one of the girls even biting the private parts of one of the attackers.

CCTV footage released by police shows a group of men running through the garden of the villa with one clearly hobbling.

The arrested men, aged between 19 and 23, were identified after the girls were shown pictures from their social media accounts.

When asked what he thought of the men, the father said: ''They are scumbags, delinquents.

"That's why they should repent as the local bishop said in his Mass the other day. they should be ashamed for what they have done.

"That's the only way they can help their families, justice and in some way end our pain.''

They are scumbags, delinquents.

He added: "My daughter has not left my side or my wife's since we arrived.

"What happened was terrible. The first thing the police said to me was 'Don't worry, you will get justice''.

''I hope I am not left disappointed. For the sake of my daughter I hope there will be an exemplary punishment.''

The four men – pictured by Italian media – are in custody on suspicion of sexual violence and wounding, with a fast-track trial due to take place next week.

Another three men were named as part of the investigation but are not in custody.

They include a pair of YouTube rappers – one the son of a policewoman – who posted a music video with the lyrics "b****es unbuckle by belt".

Cops say the gang led the girls to a field where they beat them savagely and took turns to sexually assault them.

Both girls are expected to give evidence at a fast-track hearing due to take place later this week about the incident which happened earlier this month.

All four men arrested deny sexual violence and wounding and claim the girls consented.


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