Diego Maradona 'romped with mistresses infront of two-way mirror so agent could watch big brother-style sex show’

DIEGO Maradona was watched through a two way mirror by pals as he romped with mistresses during his wild heyday, it was revealed yesterday.

The sex-mad superstar regularly took beauties to his millionaire agent’s plush apartment when cheating on long-suffering wife Claudia Villafane.

But he had no idea agent Guillermo Coppola had installed a full-length two-way mirror opposite the couch where the trysts took place.

And notorious playboy Coppola installed a table and chairs behind the mirror to enable his pals to watch Big Brother-style Maradona sex shows.

Writer Nancy Dure – who knew Coppola when he represented the Hand of God ace in the 90’s – told an Argentine TV show the agent once showed her the secret room.

Dure said that when Maradona held his meetings – usually fixed with the help of go-between pals who called his home, "there were people hiding behind the living room mirror."

She added: “I know Coppola's house, I have gone to write stories. It is the house of all life and has a large living room that overlooks the Libertador Avenue, very beautiful.

“Coppola had a large armchair, a very comfortable living room, and at the back of the armchair there is a large mirror that covers the entire wall.”

Describing a visit to the house sahe added: "At one point, Guillermo told me: 'Turn around and see what's on the other side.'

“And on the other side of that large mirror, which is not really a mirror but rather a mirrored glass, there is a very large table with many chairs, where he told me that a lot of people sat down to see what happened in that living room.”

"In other words, things happened in the living room, and behind the mirror there was a table with guests.

"Nice format for TV, of course, like a Big Brother.”

Insider Dure revealed Maradona’s pals always knew when he would be arriving at the house with a new girl – because they arranged all his illicit dates.

They would call his home on behalf of his mistresses to fix the liaisons – and allay Claudia’s suspicions.

Dure said: "We know that many parties were held in that house.

“If any of the girls Maradona was meeting wanted to call him, they couldn't. They couldn't call the landline and have Claudia pick it up.

“So they had to contact their close friends, and they would tell Diego to call these girls.”

Claudia – who had two daughters with the soccer great – has joined other exes in a huge court wrangle over his estimated £60 million fortune.

Maradona, whose cheated Hand of God goal ended England’s 1986 World Cup run, died after brain clot surgery aged 60 in November leaving no will.

He had three more recognised children who staked claims on his fortune last month.

But seven more alleged love-children, plus four of Maradona’s five sisters, were also said to be vying for chunks of his legacy.

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