Dog mauled owner to death as she walked it, then ran in front of car and died

A dog mauled its owner to death as she walked it, then ran in front of a car and was killed, police believe. The unidentified woman was savaged to death by the pit bull-type dog while out walking in Middle Musquodoboit in Canada’s Nova Scotia province, on Tuesday.

Jogger Keianna Borden, 15, found the woman’s badly-damaged corpse, and flagged down passer-by Jocelyn Parker for help.

Borden said: ‘The dog comes at me and I’m telling it to back down, because I’m not gonna hurt him.

‘Then I see the woman in the ditch, so at this point I’m trying to stay calm for the dog so the dog doesn’t attack me.’

Parker told CBC that a ‘large, muscular dog’ was stood in the middle of the road.

She added: ‘We both just kind of looked at (the victim) the side of the road, and her injuries were rather extensive and it was very apparent she had passed away.’

Parker said the dog, which had been acting ‘skittishly’ then ran off down a nearby dirt road.

The killer animal was found dead an hour and a half later on a nearby road, after being struck by a passing vehicle.

A neighbor said the woman had adopted two pit bulls – one of which was aggressive, the other kind and sweet natured, with the gentler dog the one that ultimately killed the woman.

That neighbor, who did not want to be named, told The Chronicle Herald: ‘When I found out it was that dog I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it

‘Honestly the other dog was always a constant worry for myself when I’d leave the house to go to work. We have a small farm so we were always worried about the dog getting out and attacking the animals or attacking my wife when she was out working.’

‘They meant so much to her. I think she really tried to help the problem dog become a better dog.’ Animal services have since removed the aggressive pit bull from the dead woman’s home.

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