Dog owner fined £1,500 for allowing his pet to poo in his OWN garden after neighbours complained about smell

A DOG owner has been fined £1,500 for allowing his pet to poo in his OWN garden after neighbours complained about the smell.

Craig Wood, 25, from Essex, ignored five notices from Castle County Council to clean up the mess before he was brought to court.

After residents first made their complaints, he was served an abatement notice.

The council ordered him to clear up the mess and prevent the any future dog poo from accumulating again.

Initially he was fined £1,485 for ignoring the notices, but an additional £31 was lumped on top, in victim surcharge.

And some locals claim there is still dog poo left in the garden even after the court action.


One neighbour told the Halstead Gazette: "I don't live in the block, so have not dealt with it directly, but I have been told and I think a few neighbours were getting frustrated.

"It can’t be nice to see, and we all know dog mess stinks, so you’d be very annoyed if you could constantly smell it.

"Fair play to the council for taking action against him, hopefully it is a bit of a warning to others."



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A spokesman for Castle Point Council said: "Castle Point Borough Council’s Environmental Health Service has successfully prosecuted a resident on five counts of breaching an abatement notice served under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

“Mr Craig Wood pleaded guilty to five breaches of the notice and was fined a total of £1,485 for the breaches, ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £31 and full costs of £1,289.75 were awarded to the Council.

"Following a visit by the Service an abatement notice was served requiring the mess to be cleared and also to prevent dog fouling accumulating again.

"Further complaints were received and despite being given a written warning, Mr Wood continued to breach the notice."

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