Donald Trump is 'over' being president and might NOT run again in 2024 after devastating loss to Biden

DONALD Trump is supposedly tired of his job after losing to Joe Biden in the election.

People who have spoken to Trump have told the New York Times that the president is feeling "shrunken and over his job."

They pointed to Trump's lack of activity on his Twitter feed – once the epitome of knowing who was fired that day and now an empty landscape featuring old allegations of fraud in the election.

Sources said after speaking with the gloomy president, they could not tell for sure if he would consider running again in 2024 as Trump had previously alluded to in the earlier weeks following the election.

Trump supposedly is hesitating over his original plan to hold a re-election event on Biden's inauguration day on January 20.

Reportedly, Trump and his aides were working on the event until very recently, when the president paused plans until further notice.

However, some analysts say Trump's hesitation could prove fruitful, as it would allow him to avoid the automatic disclosing of finances, as he had come under fire for in the last four years.

Likewise, there would be no limits placed on the amount of money he were to spend and how if he remains undecided.

In the recent months, the Trump campaign has been going on a fundraising blast, hoping to not only pay off the mass amounts of debt racked up by the campaign, but also to pay lawyers and legal teams in their baseless fight to overturn the election.

It has raised over $250 million since he lost the election, the most of any departing president.

About $60 million of the funds have been placed into the Save America PAC, which could be used by Trump to campaign for or against other politicians.

He faces a number of potential personal legal suits in Manhattan, prosecutors are scouring through his personal tax and bank records for evidence of crimes.

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