Eating junk food while watching telly could actually be GOOD for you – The Sun

EATING junk food while watching TV can be good for you, research suggests.

A study claimed “guilty pleasures” improved people’s moods just as much as a good love life.

US researchers studied 173 participants over a decade. They found “non-traditional social strategies” were vital for good mental health.

Prof Shira Gabriel, from New York’s University at Buffalo, said: “These are fine as long as they work for you.”

Study co-author Elaine Paravati said: "People can feel connected through all sorts of means.

"We found that more traditional strategies, like spending time with a friend in person, doesn't necessarily work better for people than non-traditional strategies, like listening to a favorite musician.

"In fact, using a combination of both of these types of strategies predicted the best outcomes, so it might be especially helpful to have a variety of things you do in your life to help you feel connected to others."

Ms Paravati said: "Guilty pleasures are an effective way of reaping positive mental benefits. It's not about only using them when you can't access 'better' options- these options are helpful to use any time."

"As long as you feel like you're fulfilling your belongingness needs, it doesn't really matter how you're doing it.

"So listen to music, follow a gossip column, pet the dog or play a game."

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