Elderly woman attacks mugger with motorcycle helmet

Brave elderly woman rips mugger’s helmet off and attacks him with it after he tried to steal her cell phone in Colombia

  • Surveillance camera from a building in Colombia recorded the moment a woman defended herself from a mugger
  • The incident took place in the department of Santander on Sunday when two suspects rode up on a motorcycle
  • One of the individuals walked up to the elderly woman’s residence and reached for her phone while she sat on her rocking chair
  • The woman could be seen in the video removing the man’s helmet and using it to attack him before he escaped 

This is the dramatic moment an elderly woman fought off a mugger to stop him stealing her cellphone outside her home in Colombia.

A surveillance camera recorded the moment two male suspects drove up on a motorcycle to the residence located in the department of Santander on Sunday afternoon.

The woman was relaxing on a rocking chair and scrolling through her smartphone when one of the individuals approached her and tried to snatch it.

Surveillance footage from a residential building in Santander, Colombia, captured the moment an elderly woman (lower left) fought off a male mugger (pictured on the back seat of the motorcycle) who tried to steal her phone on Sunday evening

The attempted robbery accomplice waits on his motorcycle to escape while his partner fights with a woman to take her cellphone

The security camera video shows a man (pictured behind the gate) sitting on a rocking chair as the woman struggled with her aggressor outside her residence in Santander, Colombia

The brave woman responded by snatching the mugger’s motorcycle helmet.

She subsequently swung at him with the helmet as he took off running before dropping the phone.

He then picked up an object and ran for his motorcycle before escaping with his accomplice. 

A man could be seen in the video sitting on his rocking chair and did not move to prevent the attack. 

No arrests had been reported as of Tuesday.  

The brave woman ripped off the motorcycle helmet from her mugger and attacked him moments after he tried to steal her cellphone outside her home in Santander, Colombia, on Sunday

The woman surprised the robber by chasing him down the street before he got on his motorcycle and fled with his accomplice

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