Evil 'let her wheelchair-bound, blind son, 5, die and then MUMMIFIED his body'

A MOTHER has been accused of letting her five-year-old wheelchair-bound son die before mummifying his corpse.

Sagal Hussein formally denied causing her son Josias Matquex’s death during a court hearing in Wisconsin on Tuesday.

The boy’s mummified corpse was found inside a duffle bag in Hussein’s car at the end of March.

Investigators believe the five-year-old, who depended on others to eat, had been dead for several months before his remains were discovered.

Josias was last seen in public back in November last year.

According to his medical records, the boy was severely disabled and had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy as well as epilepsy.

Hussein is accused of killing her son by failing to give him his seizure medicine or attend medical appointments, Fox11 reported.

In January Hussein was reported to police when a neighbor reported seeing her two other kids outside without supervision.

Social workers visited the Wisconsin home and began to probe Hussein about Josias' whereabouts.

The mom claimed her son had gone out of state to live with his father however investigators were unable to verify her excuse.


On March 31 she was arrested over inaccuracies in her stories and failure to co-operate with police.

The boy's' body was found the next day in the truck of Hussein’s car.

A medical examiner told the court that Josias was significantly malnourished and weighed around 20 pounds.

Doctor’s records had previously had his weight at 30 pounds although it is unclear whether the weight loss occurred before or after his death.

Hussein’s mother, appalled by the allegations, told Fox11: “What I know is my daughter, Sagal, is that she was a loving mother and she didn’t kill her own son and what I believe is it was not her intention to hurt or kill her own child.”

Hussein’s two other kids have been taken into foster care.

The mom-of-three faces nine charges, including chronic neglect child of a child-consequence is death, for the death of Josias.

A $500,000 bond has been set for Hussein and she is due back in court for a procedural hearing on December 7.

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