Extreme close-ups of the world’s creepiest crawlies taken by photographer who’s SCARED of insects – The Sun

THESE extreme close-ups of the world’s creepiest crawlies are taken by a photographer who’s scared of the very thing he has behind the lens.

Award-winning macro photographer Mofeed Abu Shalwa has travelled the globe taking photos of some of the world's smallest living creatures, some threatened to extinction and others invisible to the naked eye.

The intrepid photographer and scientific researcher spoke of his early childhood fears which paradoxically fuelled a career behind the lens.

He explained: “What drove me to this field is back to a story about my childhood."

The now 35-year-old from Saudi Arabia, confessed he had an overwhelming phobia of insects, otherwise known as entomophobia.

"I used to suffer from insect phobia," he said.

"This fear grew stronger as my classmates in school used to bring insects with them – and knowing that I’m fearful of insects – they used to throw them on me as a joke."

Although his fear "grew stronger over the years", the experience brought him to the world of wildlife photography.

He explained: "Choosing the world of photography was to be able to break the childhood fear that grew in me since childhood from insects and getting close to them."

Mofeed takes pride in his work, which he describes as being able to "send a message through my photos to see this beauty and tiny details that can only be seen using my camera lens".

He added: "Many nature photographers I met throughout my career have tried it but didn’t succeed.”

The photographer uses a focus-stacking technology to get sufficient depth of field in order to capture the tiny creatures.

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