Fire-surviving iguana too traumatized to eat even his favorite — bananas

BBC the fire-surviving iguana wasn’t going bananas Saturday — he just sat, too traumatized by all the commotion the night before to take even one bite of his favorite fruit.

The pet 4-foot-long lizard hasn’t eaten anything since a firefighter pulled him from the ruins of the Astoria apartment Friday evening, his relieved owner told The Post.

A picture of the green reptile — in the arms of a soot-covered firefighter from Ladder Company 115 — captured hearts, including a few cold-blooded ones.

But the firefighter, who modestly declined to be identified, claims BBC is the one who deserves the praise — for living through a massive blaze that took 60 firefighters over an hour to put out. Flames broke out just before 6 p.m. on the top floor of a three-story apartment building near the corner of 23rd Street and 25th Road.

Crews were tearing down ceilings after the fire when one Boldest noticed an iguana “chillin’ on a bookshelf,” an FDNY spokesman explained.

The photographer, Chris Clarke, recognized he was witnessing a rare moment when the firefighter appeared.

“When he came out of the building, he had this big smile on his face as he was talking to the other firefighters,” Clarke said. “At first I thought he was carrying a cat. “Then I realized that’s not a cat — it’s huge!

The 6-year-old BBC was whisked away and handed off to a friend of his owner, Farouk Sakr, who had just arrived in Florida for a family vacation.

Sakr’s first thought when he heard about the fire was his pet, who he bought as a first anniversary gift for his wife on a trip to Atlantic City.

“Thank God” were the words that came to his mind, Sakr, 49, told The Post. “That was the only thing I was looking forward to finding out. It was my whole concern.”

Knowing how stubborn BBC can be, Sakr wasn’t surprised his reptile rose from the ashes. “He is very smart,” he said. “They are survivors — big time.” 

Sakr looks forward to giving BBC a relaxing bath when he comes back in town: “I’m sure he’s panicking.”

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