Florida man gets a nasty shock as angry IGUANA invades his toilet bowl

‘I walked in my bathroom and found Godzilla in my toilet’: Florida man gets a nasty shock as angry IGUANA invades his toilet bowl

  • John Riddle, 58, was met with an unwelcome houseguest when he went to use the toilet at his home in Hollywood, Florida 
  • The angry iguana turned to hiss at Riddle before he fished it out of the toilet bowl with a net he uses to clean his pool
  • Stunned Riddle described the irate iguana as ‘Godzilla’ and vowed not to leave the door open for his pet dogs again 

A Florida man got a nasty shock when nipping to the toilet as he came face to face with a furious iguana.

John Riddle, 58, was about to use the bathroom at his Hollywood home when he noticed it was already occupied – by the gigantic reptile sitting inside the toilet bowl.

The scaled intruder seemed as stunned as Riddle as it began to hiss angrily at him, turning its head towards his camera for a menacing photo.

‘I walked in my bathroom and found Godzilla in my toilet,’ Riddle said. 

‘He didn’t seem at all pleased and started splashing and hissing at me.’

The Godzilla-like iguana hissed at Riddle before he fished it out with a net 

The iguana John Riddle, 58, found loitering in his toilet bowl before it started hissing angrily at him

Quick-thinking John grabbed a net he uses to clean his swimming pool to remove the unwelcome visitor who was visibly irate

Before Riddle could finally do what he came into the bathroom to do, he grabbed a net he uses to clean out his pool and removed the unwelcome visitor. 

‘I guess I won’t be leaving the door open for the dogs anymore,’ he added.

The giant lizards are not native to Florida, and the animals have been blamed in recent years for causing damage to buildings and power outages.

The reptiles are native to Central America and some eastern Caribbean islands, and they first arrived in Florida in the 1960s. 

Since then, their population has been steadily rising. Iguanas are known to get into sewer systems and are strong swimmers, so it’s not uncommon they sometimes wind up in someone’s toilet.

Wildlife experts warn iguanas can transmit salmonella to pets and cause erosion near lakes and canals, and when temperatures fall, the National Weather Service in Miami has been known to issue falling iguana advisories.

Iguanas dropped paralyzed from trees in Florida as the Sunshine State experienced its coldest weather in more than a decade in January 2022

An iguana lying motionless on the ground during a cold snap in Florida in January 2022

When it gets cold, below 40 degrees, the critters go into a sort of suspended animation mode and fall to the ground. They usually wake up in the sun’s warmth. 

Last January, paralyzed critters dropped from the trees after the Sunshine State experienced 37 degree temperatures – its coldest weather in 12 years. 

The unusually cold weather was triggered by nor’easter further up the coast, forcing Floridians to bundle up against the near-freezing temperatures. 

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