Four times Britain's most-hated woman Maxine Carr was caught out in a LIE protecting child killer boyfriend Ian Huntley | The Sun

MAXINE Carr became Britain’s most-hated woman when she protected her child killer boyfriend back in 2002.

Carr lied to the nation when she falsely gave her ex-boyfriend Ian Huntley an alibi after he murdered Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

Holly and Jessica were found dumped in a ditch two weeks after they vanished from a family barbecue, with Huntley locked up for a minimum of 40 years.

Meanwhile teaching assistant Carr was caged for three-and-a-half years for giving evil Huntley his alibi.

Here we take a look at the four times Carr was caught out in her lies.


Carr referred to 10-year-old Holly in the past tense when interviewed about the schoolgirl who had vanished along with pal Jessica



Inside Maxine Carr’s life from white wedding to new ID worth £2.5M


All about Ian Huntley's ex-girlfriend Maxine Carr and where she is now

She was trying to hide the fact evil Huntley had killed the two girls at his house.

But during the interview she said "that's the kind of girl she was" — which raised the suspicions of the TV journalist who reported her to the cops.

The girls' bodies hadn't been found yet — but Carr's comment suggested she already knew they were dead.

Sky News presenter Jeremy Thompson later told a documentary: “Both my producers said ‘that was odd wasn’t it? She was speaking in the past tense’.

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"Like the girls weren’t around anymore. We should mention that to the police.”

Carr also revealed Holly had given her a card with a heartfelt poem during another interview.

Sick Carr even showed the affectionate card Holly gave her on camera.

Footage from the time of the girls' disappearance shows her telling a reporter: "Nobody believes that they would ever run away.

"They were very close to all their family.

"This is something I’ll probably keep for the rest of my life, I think. It’s what Holly gave me on the last day of term.

"She gave me this with a poem on the inside saying 'to a special teaching assistant' really, and we’ll miss her a lot and we’ll see her in the future.

"And that’s the kind of girl she was. She was just lovely, really lovely."


When questioned about her boyfriend's movements on the day the girls vanished, Carr claimed they had been together at 5 College Close.

She even told detectives what she'd cooked for lunch listing: "Yorkshire puddings, cauliflower, cabbage and roast potatoes.

After checking out Carr's claims, officers discovered she had actually been visiting her mum in Grimsby – 100 miles away – with phone records showing she'd called Huntley several times.

Carr had actually been at a nightclub on that night in Grimsby with another man.

Her alibi was busted when the bloke later revealed her had kissed Carr to convince her to go on a date with him.

Ex-Assistant Chief Constable Mr Rogers said: "It was a big mistake on her part because we always check these things."


Once she returned from Grimsby Carr cleaned the caretakers cottage she and Huntley lived in from top to bottom.

When questioned by police, Carr claimed she was an obsessive cleaner and this was the norm in their household.

However, in court it was claimed that she had scrubbed the floors in the house, and washed the pair's duvet in a bid to cover up Huntley's crimes.


After the discovery of the schoolgirls' bodies, as well as their distinctive Man United shirts at his place of work, Huntley was arrested and charged for the girls murder.

Carr was also arrested – and it was then she switched her story.

Carr dropped her act that she was with Huntley on the day and night of the girls' disappearance and came clean about her trip to Grimsby.

She was then convicted of perverting the course of justice. 


After serving just half of her jail, Carr was released and let back into society.

And 10 years after, in 2014 she wed in an extravagant ceremony wearing a £2,000 ivory dress.

Her new besotted boyfriend walked her down the aisle at a luxury wedding venue — watched by his horrified family.

After taking their vows, Carr and her husband posed for photos before they and their guests drank £10 bottles of sparkling wine with a three-course wedding breakfast.

The wedding is said to have cost them thousands.

Her new husband’s relatives attended the nuptials although they were said to be stunned at his decision after learning of her shameful past – despite her new identity.

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Since her release from prison in 2004 it has cost the taxpayer around £2.5million to provide Carr with a new identity and police protection.

The High Court then granted Carr lifelong anonymity, preventing her new identity ever being revealed.

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