Ghislaine Maxwell ‘not allowed to wear bra and must wear paper clothes in cell over fears she is suicide risk’

FEARS Ghislaine Maxwell could attempt suicide have seen her forced to wear paper clothes and refused permission to wear a bra in jail, it has been alleged.

The claims come from public relations veteran and close family friend Brian Basham after she was denied bail for a second time this year by a federal judge.

Mr Basham has also alleged that Maxwell has lost 25lbs while in jail and recently went 20 hours without food, according to The Telegraph.

He says when she complained, prison authorities removed her scales to stop her from recording any further weight loss.

Letters from family, Mr Basham says, have not reached her and she is in isolation in a cell nine foot by seven foot.

Mr Basham's complaints come after Maxwell – who is accused of grooming underage girls to be sexually abused by paedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein – had her application for bail rejected because she poses a "flight risk".

Maxwell, who is being held in a Brooklyn federal jail, has pleaded not guilty in the case.

She has also been charged with perjury for allegedly lying during a deposition for a lawsuit filed by an Epstein accuser.

Judge Alison Nathan ruled the British socialite posed "a serious flight risk".

The judge considered Maxwell's wealth, possession of citizenship in multiple countries and the severity of the charges she faces.

They were the same reasons considered by Judge Nathan when Maxwell applied for bail back in July.

“The Court … finds that the Defendant’s proposed bail conditions would not reasonably assure her appearance at future proceedings,” Nathan said in her ruling in Manhattan federal court.

The socialite, who celebrated her 59th birthday behind bars on Christmas Day, asked to be released on a bond of $22.5 million offered up by her spouse of four years Scott Borgerson.

She apparently had further millions pledged by seven relatives and friends, according to a report by CNBC.

She also proposed having armed guards ensure that she remained confined to a New York City residence – and be monitored at all times via an electronic tagging device.

The news of Maxwell's $22 million bail bid loss was hailed by Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Giuffre, who says jail is "where she belongs".

Jeffrey Epstein's "sex slave" also praised the "amazing survivors" who have shown "what bravery looks like" in the face of what she called "wealthy tyranny."

Giuffre – formerly Virginia Roberts – took to Twitter to say she was pleased the former Brit socialite was being "kept under lock & key, where she belongs."

One alleged victim has branded Maxwell a "psychopath" who will flee justice if granted bail, The Times reports.

Maxwell is accused of sexually assaulting 16-year-old Annie Farmer at Epstein's 7,500-acre ranch in New Mexico.

Ms Farmer, who has waived her right to anonymity, alleged: "She (Maxwell) has lived a life of privilege, abusing her position of power to live beyond the rules.

"She will not hesitate to leave the country irrespective of whether others will be on the hook financially for her actions because she lacks empathy and, therefore, simply does not care about hurting others.

"I believe that she is a psychopath," the 41-year-old alleged.

Maxwell is due to stand trial next year.

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