Giuliani blasts ‘fake news’ stories about alleged Russia connections

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Rudy Giuliani blasted three media outlets that were forced to retract parts of stories they published about him last week following a FBI raid on his Manhattan apartment. 

“They’ve been trying to make me a Russian agent for about three years, which is totally nuts,” the former mayor and Donald Trump attorney told Fox News’ “Hannity” Monday night. 

“I’m probably the biggest anti-Communist you ever met. There’s no way that I’m a Russian agent or anybody else’s agent. I was a lawyer who was representing a client who was innocent.” 

Federal agents swept Giuliani’s home and law office April 28. 

In the following days, The New York Times, The Washington Post and NBC News published stories which claimed Giuliani had received a so-called “defensive briefing” from the FBI about Russian disinformation. 

On Saturday, all three outlets published corrections, with the Times flatly saying Giuliani received no such briefing, NBC News saying the briefing was prepared, but not delivered, and The Washington Post saying merely that Giuliani “disputed” that he had been briefed. 

On Monday, Giuliani described the initial reports that he had been briefed as “a total lie by three [outlets] who spend most of their time lying.” 

He added to host Sean Hannity that if the mainstream media “is lying about that, isn’t it obvious they’re lying about everything? 

“The FBI is lying to them about briefing me. Well, don’t you think they’re lying about the rest of it?” 

Over the weekend, Giuliani angrily demanded that all three outlets reveal their sources for the original incorrect reports. 

The Times previously reported that Giuliani is being investigated over whether he lobbied former President Donald Trump on behalf of Ukrainian officials without notifying the Justice Department, a violation of the federal Foreign Agents Registration Act. 

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