Grandad who says he's a 'passionate recycler' given fly-tipping fine

Grandfather, 61, who insists he’s a ‘passionate recycler’ is given £400 fly-tipping fine – but claims thieves ‘set him up’ by stealing rubbish from his bin to dump with 16 cannabis plants

  • Dennis Spencer is furious after being fined by his local council for fly-tipping
  • The 61-year-old was blamed for rubbish found dumped in Blidworth, Mansfield 
  • He insists it wasn’t him and that thieves stole his recycling to frame him for it 
  • The grandfather says he is a ‘passionate recycler’ and would never dump waste

A grandfather who insists he is a ‘passionate recycler’ has been left furious after being given a £400 fly-tipping fine, as he claims he was ‘set up’.

Dennis Spencer says he has been framed for dumping waste in the village of Blidworth, near Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, after his recycling was found in a fly-tip.

The 61-year-old says thieves stole his recycling so he would blamed when the pile of rubbish – which contained 16 bags of cannabis plants and drug paraphernalia – was discovered on a secluded country lane on August 3.

He insists he is a ‘respectable recycling person’ who has never taken drugs in his life and is livid after being told to pay the local council for it.

Mr Spencer maintains he had put the box in his bin and it must have been removed and placed there deliberately as part of a ‘set up’.

The grandfather-of-one claims he is a ‘passionate recycler’ and would never dump any rubbish, taking time out every week to ensure his recycling is clean and correct.

Dennis Spencer is livid after his local council fined him for fly-tipping despite his claims that he has been ‘set up’

The 61-year-old says his recycling was stolen and he would never dump his waste as he’s a ‘passionate recycler’

However he was still fined under section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act following a hearing with Newark and Sherwood District Council.

The authority said the father-of-two was responsible for properly disposing of any waste his produced.

The construction worker, who lives alone, said: ‘In other words, if someone goes and steals your bin then you’re at fault. It’s a silly law.

‘Besides, I did dispose of this rubbish, it was put in my bin god knows how long ago. How it got on top of these 16 bags of cannabis plants I’m unsure.

‘This letter then landed through my letterbox with a summons – I wouldn’t mind but I had no idea what this was. I was left scratching my head.

‘I attended the hearing with my brother but I was guilty before I got there. Despite explaining the circumstances, I was still fined.

‘I said, so I’m going to fly tip on my own doorstep and leave a box with my name and address aren’t I?

‘They’ve done me under an act where you’re responsible for your own rubbish – seemingly no matter what the circumstances.

‘It’s my problem to put my box in the bin, but its also my problem if someone takes it out and plants it somewhere, but they’re saying that wasn’t possible.

‘You could say that about a bin lorry shedding it’s load, they don’t pick all their rubbish and what happens if you’re bin blows over, you could be fined for that too.

‘You don’t mind paying for something you’d done but I wasn’t aware of it. I didn’t even know where the lane was.

‘It goes onto an old dirt track around a mile from my house, it has clearly been placed there strategically, it wasn’t even weather worn.

‘That’s been planted there and photographed. If I was going to fly-tip I wouldn’t leave a box with my name on. I’m not that stupid.

‘Somebody’s fished it out of my recycling bin and thought it was a good idea to plant it on top of this fly tip, which was bags of cannabis plants and paraphernalia.

‘I don’t do drugs, I never have, and I am a respectable recycling person.’

Mr Dennis says he has never done drugs and thinks he is being framed for the pile of waste, which was found dumped on August 3 near Mansfield in Nottinghamshire

Mr Spencer says he had tried to appeal his fine but so far his pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

He added: ‘It’s about money to the council, they don’t care really.

‘I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t even go out. Cannabis is the last thing I expected it to be when I opened the letter.

‘I’m recycling mad, I recycle all the time. Why would I dump in my own village? I wouldn’t dream of dumping anywhere

‘I’m very passionate about recycling, I wash stuff out, put it in the right bin and make sure it’s clean, I do it on a weekly basis.

‘It’s outrageous, it’s disgusting. I’ve been set up basically, somebody has set me up and I think I know who’s done it but I can’t prove it.’

Roger Jackson, portfolio holder for cleaner, safer, greener at Newark and Sherwood District Council, said: ‘As outlined in the Environmental Protection Act it is the responsibility of the resident or business to properly dispose of waste they produce.

‘In the case of employing a third-party to dispose of waste the resident or business still have a duty of care to ensure the waste is not illegally dumped.

‘We continue to urge anyone employing a third-party to check they have the required licenses to legally dispose of waste.’

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