Harrowing moment shot boy, 6, is picked up by his screaming mom after they were BOTH gunned down at Brooklyn festival

HORRIFYING video shows the moment a screaming mother cradled her six-year-old son in her arms after he was gunned down in Brooklyn.

The youngster, identified by police sources as Maxwell Cesc-Vinho, was shot in the left leg during a J'Ouvert celebration at the weekend.

Footage from the shooting shows his mother, named by the New York Post as Patricia Bratwaith, 47, holding him as he cries.

Ms Bratwaith and three others were also shot during the terrifying incident.

Crowds had been celebrating when shots rang out in Crown Heights just before 3am on Monday. 

It comes amid a wave of horrific violence across America during the Labor Day Weekend.

An eight-year-old girl lost her life during a gun attack in Chicago – the youngest of 64 people shot across the states during the weekend.

Five were hurt during a single shooting in New York.

Hundreds of people had gathered for the pre-dawn procession for the Caribbean J'Ouvert festival.

Footage obtained by DailyMail.com show the crowds screaming in terror and running after shots were heard.

The boy is seen lying on the pavement in a pool of his own blood as his mother runs to him and tries to pick him up. 

A few feet away from the boy, a man is seen collapsed on the ground after he was also apparently struck by gunfire. 

The others wounded during the shocking incident are Flavian Yves, 40, Bob Charlotin, 46, and Kelly Barthold, 34.

All five victims were transported to Kings County Hospital Center with non-life threatening injuries. 

Two men with guns were arrested at the scene.

It's not known if either is suspected of being responsible for the shooting.

NYPD Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison said the incident appeared to be gang-related.

"This is a notorious gang area that, you know, we've had problems with in the past," he said.

It's unclear whether any of the victims were targeted on purpose.

Police say the mother and son were just getting out of a cab when they were struck.  

One witness told the Post the shooting started at random.

"People were dancing and hanging out, having a good time and out of nowhere the shooting started," he said.

Mayor Bill de Blasio had canceled the official J'Ouvert celebration due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Despite that, around 300 people got up in the early hours to recognise the event, which marks the launch of carnival in the Caribbean.

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