Heart-stopping moment police Taser suspect after high speed chase

Heart-stopping moment armed police Taser suspect after two response cars rammed him off the road following high speed chase through busy London streets

  • Police officers in north London set off in pursuit of a suspicious car on April 14 
  • The driver of the car attempted to evade officers and a high speed chase ensued
  • Officers were forced to swerve in and out of busy traffic as the chase escalated
  • Police slammed into the side and front of suspect’s car to halt him in his tracks
  • A Taser gun was then used to stun the suspect after he appeared to resist arrest 

Police in north London have released footage of officers halting a suspicious vehicle after a heart-stopping high speed car chase in Barnet.

Officers in the Trojan Proactive Unit recognised a car with links to criminal activity and set off in pursuit of the driver on April 14. 

The driver of the car attempted to evade the policemen in pursuit, with footage showing the patrol swerving in and out of busy traffic as the chase escalated. 

Police in north London arrested a man after a high-speed car chase in busy London traffic

Two police cars slammed into the vehicle after it attempted to evade them at traffic lights

A set of traffic lights then provided another obstacle for the officer behind the wheel, but an incredible manoeuvre closed the gap between the cars. 

Incredibly, the policeman was able to cut off the angle of the getaway driver and bring him to a sudden halt by slamming into the right side of his vehicle. 

Within seconds another unmarked police car sped into view and crunched into the front of the suspect’s motor to block off another escape route, while an officer emerged into view to apprehend the escapee. 

But the individual in question still refused to give up, with the video appearing to show him grabbing the officer in an attempt to resist arrest.

Footage then shows the driver of the police car jumping out of the vehicle and aiming a yellow stun gun at the criminal to bring a swift end to the conflict.

Stun guns are used by officers as a method of self defence in potentially serious cases and release multiple volts of electricity to temporarily immobilise suspects. 

An officer then used a Taser gun to immobilise the suspect after he appeared to resist arrest

Repeated volts of electricity effectively hijack the nervous system and prevent the brain from sending messages to the body, leaving individuals unable to move. 

The impact of the electric shock can impair the brain’s ability to process information for up to an hour, giving officers plenty of time to make an arrest and avoid any further conflict as they did in Barnet. 

It’s the second time in the space of two weeks that police have reported a high speed incident after a driver led officers on a 151mph chase near the M1 two weeks ago. 

Both incidents could have been potentially more dangerous following the news that speeding offences in London increased by 650% last week. 

Those numbers highlighted an eight-fold increase on the same week last year, while police warned of a worrying 75 per cent overall increase in ‘extreme’ speeding in the capital since the lockdown was put in place.

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