Hedgehogs living at wildlife haven at prison are on the run after escaping – The Sun

HEDGEHOGS living at a wildlife haven at a prison were on the run last night after escaping.

Cons set up the preservation project, called HMP Hog Gate, two years ago.

But this week a report revealed that all of the hedgehogs have legged it.

The lags had created gates so the hogs could get in and out of Dovegate jail near Uttoxeter, Staffs.

Up to 12 of the critters were ­regular visitors, with some even hibernating at the ­Category B private jail for 1,200 men.

A report by the Independent Monitoring Board said: “The prison has well maintained and attractive gardens.

“A hedgehog preservation scheme began in summer 2018.

“Constructed by residents it was hoped ‘HMP Hog Gate’ would help increase the population of this endangered species.

“But unfortunately all the hedgehogs appear to have escaped!”

Hedgehog numbers in Britain are down from 30million in the 1950s to just one million now.

They rely on holes in gates, fences and walls as they travel more than a mile a night looking for food and mates.

Loss of hedges and habitat has slashed nesting sites.


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