Hilarious moment monkey grabs phone and films visitor freaking out

Monkey see monkey do! Hilarious moment primate grabs gawping zoo visitor’s phone and flips it round to film her freaking out

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This is the moment a cheeky monkey grabbed a gawping zoo visitor’s phone and turned it around to film her.

Gracey Sango, 21, and her family were visiting the Jorge Town amusement park in Davao de Oro, the Philippines, on Monday when they came across a troop of monkeys.

Everything appears to be in order as Ms Sango gently feeds the monkey with a bit of food.

However, in a flash the monkey snatches the phone from her causing a moment of sheer panic.

The 21-year-old can be heard screaming and jumping up and down as she begs for the monkey to give her phone back. 

Everything seems to be perfectly fine as the zoo visitor gently hands the monkey some food 

However, as quick as a flash, Gracey Sango was now being filmed by the monkey 

The terrified 21-year-old can hilariously be seen trying to grab the phone back from the monkey’s hands

Eventually, one of the other zoo visitors managed to grab the phone back to save Ms Sango’s embarrassment. 

The group can then be heard laughing as they realise what has just happened to them. 

This was certainly not the first time a cheeky monkey has interacted with a person. 

Earlier this month a hilarious video was posted showing a dogged spider monkey climbing on to a US tourist and pulling her t-shirt down. 

As the animal clambers up the woman’s legs using its prehensile tail and latches itself on to the tourist’s shirt, panic soon sets in as she tells her friend: ‘I don’t know what to do y’all. I’m scared.’ 

In the Phillipines the three most common species of monkey are the crab-eating macaque, the common long-tailed macaque, and the Philippine long-tailed macaque.

Despite the fact that monkeys are illegal to keep as pets in the Philippines, many people still do.

The rare macaque is said to be endemic in the Philippines and is considered an endangered species. 

Ms Sango and her family were visiting the Jorge Town amusement park in Davao de Oro, the Philippines

The monkey filmed the group of visitors for almost five seconds before they got the phone back

The monkey can be seen eyeing up his next move before he snatched the phone away

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