Husband of murdered Brit identified rare pistol pointed at baby daughter that could be vital to catching killers

THE husband of the Brit mum murdered during a terrifying home invasion has identified the guns used by the burglars that were pointed at his 11-month-old daughter, which could prove vital in catching the killers.

Charalambos "Babis" Anagnostopoulos, 32, was bound, blindfolded, and gagged, while his wife Caroline Crouch, 20, was cruelly strangled to death in front of their baby daughter Lydia.

But despite the masked thieves obstructing his senses during the horrific ordeal at their home outside Athens, in Greece, Babis is helping cops find the murderous gang of men.

The 32-year old helicopter pilot lost consciousness for up to 30 minutes due to the constriction of the tape that was tied around his neck, but managed to catch a glimpse of his wife's killers through a hole in his blindfold.

Babis told police two tall intruders were armed with a silver Colt and a black pistol – that were pointed at his baby daughter, Lydia, as the men demanded money.

The news was welcomed by investigators – as they say these weapons are unusual to find in Greece.

Cops now believe tracing the arms could prove the key to unlocking the investigation, as it drastically narrows down the search.

Babis described two of the burglars as six-foot-tall, slim, athletic men wearing hoods who were joined by a short, fat man wearing a balaclava, who appeared to be the leader.

The young father has again been called to give further testimony today by authorities, who will help him try and decipher the language he heard one of the criminals use.

"We’ll be showing him more mug shots and will have him listen to tapes to see if he can make out the foreign language that he heard one of the culprits speak," an officer told the Sun Online.

"It’s very important that we get every detail down to how long they were in the house."

Detectives are now investigating if the criminals had been tipped off about the couple withdrawing £86,000 from the bank to purchase a plot of land in Drafi to build their dream home.

The gang repeatedly asked "Where is the money?!" after being directed to almost 10,000 Euros stashed in a Monopoly set amongst their daughter Lydia's toys in the basement, according to Greece’s Protema news website.

The continuous cries for money even after grabbing the £8,630 have led investigators to believe the robbers knew about the couple's property fund – but did not know the sale had already gone ahead, and the cash had already been moved.

Authorities believe the three men approached the home shortly after 4am in the early hours of Tuesday morning, before destroying a security camera and sneaking in from the back of the house.

Another official previously revealed detectives are following multiple lines of inquiry regarding the ethnicity of the gang behind the horror attack – following earlier claims they were thought to be Albanian.

"There are two units involved in the inquiry following different leads," one well-placed cop revealed.

"We are also working on the premise of the gang being ethnically mixed. Albanians, Georgians and Greeks may all have been involved. Organised crime knows no frontiers."

A reward of £250,000 has been offered for information into the young mum's death.

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