Husband vows to wait for teacher, 35, jailed for sex with pupil, 15, as 'astonished' pals says he's under her 'spell'

KANDICE Barber's husband has vowed to wait for her after she was jailed for having sex with her 15-year-old pupil.

Friends claim that husband Daniel, 38, is under the disgraced teacher's "spell" after he promised to stick by her despite her six-year and two-month sentence.

The 35-year-old was sentenced earlier this week after being convicted of having sex with the pupil in a field and sending him sordid topless pictures on Snapchat.

The mum-of-three from Wendover, Bucks, was branded "beyond despicable" after she groomed the 15-year-old for her "own sexual gratification."

Sun Online can reveal her husband Danny has assured his wife he will not walk away from their marriage.

During the trial, the 38-year-old told a court their marriage was as strong as ever during her trial adding he had "full faith" in her.

A friend said: “It was made clear in court that Danny and Kandice were still together – and he plans to stick by Kandice.

“The whole ordeal has been very hard for him but he remains loyal to his wife and is willing to stand by her and wait.

“As far as he is concerned when they got married it was forever and he will be there for Kandice when she comes out of prison.”

But pals have said that it is “wrong” that he was supporting her after she romped with a pupil in a field.

One friend revealed: “I have no idea why the hell he is still with her.

“No-one would blame him for walking straight out the door after the way she has treated him.

“She must have some sort of spell over him to be sticking with her."

The friend added: "He seemed like a nice guy and a decent father figure for the children.

“Their wedding seemed like a real happily-ever-after moment. But wow did she manage to balls things up in a massive way.

“I don’t think any of us thought Daniel would be athletic enough to keep up with Kandice in bed. But no-one thought she would go to the lengths she did to fulfil her fetishes.

“I can only imagine Daniel must have felt incredibly hurt – maybe it was easier to just believe her lies.

“Ultimately, if he waits for her to get out she is a very, very lucky woman.

“Hopefully she will have learned her lesson.”

Kandice's ex has claimed that Barber was so sex-mad she was unable to sit in a car for more than an hour without playing with a sex toy.

It's claimed she spent thousands of pounds on lingerie and corsets, toys, handcuffs, whips and masks for kinky sessions with her partner.

She would demand sex up to FIVE TIMES A DAY and insisted on dirty weekends away so she could catch up on her strict sex quota.

An ex-lover said: "Kandice never really drank and never took drugs, or smoked. That meant her only outlet was sex.

"That's where she used to get all her kicks from. That's why Kandice was always incredibly sexually driven.


"If she ever went away for weekends she could barely manage an hour in the car before she wanted to get started.

"She would barely be able to get out of London and she would be looking for her sex toys."

Barber was found guilty in January of engaging a child in sexual activity, including sending a video to the lad showing her performing a solo act surrounded by sex toys.

Sentencing her at Aylesbury crown court, Recorder Bal Dhaliwal slammed manipulative Barber for scheming to bed the boy and later threatening to “take him down” if he exposed their affair.

Her 15-year-old victim also said he failed his GCSEs because of the ordeal.

Jurors heard how the teacher began messaging the pupil in 2018 after taking his phone number at a school sports day prize-giving event.

Their texts soon turned "sexual" and Barber later picked him up in her 4×4 car before driving to a field.

Barber then had sex with the boy in the secluded area.

The teacher continued to send the boy sordid texts – even while teaching him in class.

One message read: "You cannot make me blush when I am teaching now, poker face."

A schoolboy also claimed he saw messages from Barber, asking: "Do you prefer boobs or bum?”

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