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AN OLD-AGE pensioner who was a bodybuilding legend known for having the best looking physique ever has revealed an easy trick for stunning muscles.

During his prime, Frank Zane was a goliath in the weightlifting world and the veteran has now let fans in on the secrets that he still used today.

The gym icon has a meticulous physique that saw him take out the coveted Mr Olympia three times.

He is also considered one of the most prominent bodybuilders of all time.

Nonetheless, the 80-year-old has always focussed his on training efficiency and maximising his workout and dietary regime.

Frank told Escape Fitness, there were a few easy tricks to maintain show-stopping muscles.


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He said: "I always did stretch between sets.

"I don’t think that many people do that.

"When you’re are doing a set you’re focused on contracting the muscle but when you’re stretching, you’re stretching the muscle.

"So, it sort of gives it a completion and it keeps blood in the muscle too."

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The weightlifting veteran also claimed off-season training was important for remaining in tip-top shape.

He said: "My training was sort of paced like that I'd say during those late spring months I was training more with heavier weights with longer rest periods, and then the late summer early autumn I’d be training quite faster with less rest between sets."

However, Frank also said success in the gym came down to having a good outlook.

He said: "I would say the perfect physique is one that has really great proportions where everything matches, and no one thing stands out, it all blends together.

"I worked up to 1000 reps a day, and my abs got real deep.

"Then my back, I did a lot of back work to bring out a lot of definition in the back."

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