Incredible moment ‘Superman’ dad dives across the room to save toddler daughter from falling mirror

THIS is the incredible moment a real-life Superman dad dived to save his toddler daughter from being crushed by a full length mirror.

Home video captures the astonishing moment the dad leaps like a superhero to catch the mirror as it topples towards his little girl.

Thousands of web users have hailed the man's heroics as the clip emerged on Chinese social media on Friday.

He was dubbed a real life "Superman" for his quick reaction, and others said it was the "best rescue ever".

The clip begins as the family-of-four, believed to be from the Chinese city Harbin, are relaxing in their living room.

Two toddlers can be seen playing on the floor as the man and woman believed to be their mum and dad keep an eye on them on the other side of the room.

The child on the left however then suddenly tumbles over as she appears to trip into a rubbish bin.

She knocks the black-framed full length mirror as she falls backwards and it starts to teeter forward.

It wobbles and tilts directly towards her sister and begins fall she lays on playing on the floor.

Her hero dad however then springs into action.

He dives across the room like a lightning bolt towards the little girl to shield her from the falling mirror.

The dad lands on the floor and uses his strength to hold up the mirror, saving the girl from injury with just moments to spare.

The little girl's mum then comes across from the other side of the room and makes sure everyone is okay.

She then helps him prop the mirror back up against the wall – no doubt relieved no-one was hurt.

Chinese state media People's Daily shared the video which has amassed 500,000 views on Weibo, China's version of Twitter.

One online commenter described the incredible moment as "father's instinct" while others dubbed him "Superman".

Others said "quick thinking dad – phew!" and "It’s amazing the strength parents have when they try to protect their children".

Others however criticised the couple for not having secured the mirror to the wall while having young children in their home.

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