Inmate who smuggled gun in her vagina sentenced to 10 years in prison

A Missouri woman who smuggled a gun into a county jail by hiding it in her vagina was sentenced to a decade behind bars, a report said.

Amy Wilhite, 39, had pleaded guilty to sneaking the four-inch revolver into Boone County jail on February 14, The Smoking Gun reported.

The firearm was loaded with five rounds when Wilhite brought it into the lockup.

Police and jail guards failed to detect the gun, which was eventually found by authorities 17 days after Wilhite was sent to jail on seperate gun and narcotics charges, the report said.

Wilhite admitted to having the gun during questioning, but she claimed she was holding it for another inmate.

Other inmates in her housing unit, however, refuted her claim, saying “Amy was in possession of the firearm,” according to the report.

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