Inside abandoned 'Village of Death' where locals say cloaked spirits roam and rumours of grisly murders keep people away | The Sun

JUST a stone's throw from bustling beaches sits an area filled with abandoned houses so creepy it's been nicknamed the "Village of Death".

Chilling images reveal the sprawling complex of eerie homes built in three bizarre squares that were deserted before they were ever lived in.

The houses were abandoned mid-construction during the Asian financial crisis of 1997 alongside countless other projects and have stood empty ever since.

Each property is windowless and many have gaping holes in the roof.

Sinister pictures show dying plants growing through smashed windows and debris strewn across the ground.

Although the village in Phetchaburi province, Thailand, never came to life, tales of trials and tribulations are rampant.

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Whispers of murders said to have played out in the area haunt those brave enough to visit.

Daxton Ward – who photographs abandoned places around the world – captured the village's formidable presence in a series of striking snaps.

He told The Sun how he was heard about a female university student said to have been brutally killed at the site.

Daxton said: "I have a Thai friend who knows some of the history the site.

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"He knows of a female university student who attended a university nearby the village, a relative of an acquaintance of his, who was found assaulted and murdered there."

The intrepid photographer also recounted a rumour that an "entire family" was killed there.

He said: "Such horrific things have been verified to have occurred at other similar locations, so it is not so unbelievable that it could happen here as well.

Daxton said he had heard disturbing rumours of nefarious spirits in dark cloaks lurking around the site.

He added: "Also, at one point, there was a burnt-out bus on the premises in which charred remains had supposedly been found.

"Local superstition related to spirits led to rumours that cloaked figures had been seen around the bus at dusk, but that part is very likely due to the perception of the place being haunted."

Daxton said walking past the eerie derelict houses was "unsettling", making him feel "uneasy" as he snapped the harrowing location.

He added that graffiti scrawled on the walls adds to the creepy vibe, with the word "death" scribed in one place and a skull and crossbones etched in another area.

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Daxton said: "Unnerving sights aside, I did enjoy exploring this place as I usually do with sprawling decay set amongst lush tropical surroundings.

"A friendly buffalo herder came through with 18 or so of his herd, and was kind enough to let me shoot some photos of his expensive beasts."

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