Inside PEOPLE's New True Crime Stories Special Edition

By analyzing the family trees of each positive hit and using old-fashioned detective work, Holes and his team narrowed the pool of possible suspects by gender, age, region and profession until they arrived at a name investigators had never previously heard: Joseph DeAngelo of Citrus Heights, Calif. They confirmed their hunch by directly matching the killer’s DNA with a tissue discarded by DeAngelo in a trash can. On April 25, 2018 DeAngelo, then 72, was arrested at the home he shared with one of his three grown children, and a grandchild. In March this year he offered a guilty plea in order to avoid the death penalty. Bringing him to justice, Sheriff Scott Jones told PEOPLE, was “like catching Jack the Ripper.”

People’s new special edition, True Crime Stories, is available now on Amazon and wherever magazines are sold.

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