Jeffrey Epstein was obsessed with sick James Bond spoof novel filled with child sex abuse, ‘black book’ contact claims

JEFFREY Epstein was obsessed with a twisted James Bond spoof that was filled with child sex abuse, a contact from his infamous black book has claimed.

It is claimed Epstein would boast that reading the vile book would allow people to "understand" his own fixation with young women and sex.

The new claim about Epstein's bizarre obsession comes after writer Leland Nally phoned every single number in the black book.

He made a total of around 2000 calls – detailing the experience in Mother Jones.

The infamous document contains contact details appearing to be for some of the world's most famous and powerful people.

It includes figures such as billionaire Richard Branson, former F1 boss Flavio Briatore, former PM Tony Blair, and rock star Mick Jagger.

One of the conversations Nally had was with an actress – named only as Julie.

She shared a decades-long friendship with Epstein dating back to even before he became one of the world's super rich.

Julie would meet his celebrity pals and people in his inner circle, as well as being flown to his private island Little Saint James.

Julie said she never witnessed any sexual abuse, but knew Epstein was into "young girls" and confessed she "never questioned whether any were of legal age".

One exchange which stuck out to her however was the billionaire pedophile's recommendation of the book, The Man From O.R.G.Y.

It was an obscure 1965 parody of James Bond written by Theodore Mark Gottfried under the pen name of Ted Mark.

Epstein's pal said he gave her the book after she asked him "why he was like this" and he said it had "influenced him to become wealthy".

"Read this book, and that will help you understand", Epstein said.

Nally describes the book as an "unbearable horror show" which contains "toddler brothels" and "graphic details of children and infants being ceremonially raped".


It tells the story of a con man – Steve Victor – who travels the world under the guise of being a "sex researcher" in order to spy for the US.

The title comes from the name of the protagonists fake research team, the Organization for the Rational Guidance of Youth.

Victor gets custody of a sex slave in one scene who tells him about her life, claiming that "girls enjoy being raping".

The book features the main character participating in debauched sex as he rubs shoulders with the rich and powerful to gather their secrets.

It is a chilling echo of Epstein's own web of sex slavery as he hid in the plain sight among the world's elite.

Julie claims she didn't know what the book was about, but remembered Epstein talking about it – she said "I never read it and don't think I ever will".

Julie also revealed she remembered seeing Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre on his island, saying she was "always there".

Virginia has alleged she was forced to sleep with Prince Andrew, allegations the Duke of York strongly denies.

At one point Julie told Nally that she is "glad" Epstein is dead, but at the same time attempted to defend him and sometimes cast doubt on the victims.

She said for the most part she feels betrayed at how "someone whom she looked up to, could have done such awful, hideous things".


"I think a lot about why my role and some girls roles were different," Julie said.

"I think Jeffrey liked to exploit people. If he saw a girl and could corrupt her, he might like that."

She described his personality changing as he grew richer and more connected.

Epstein descended deeper into his own depravity as he became emboldened he could get away with anything and fulfill his twisted fantasies.

Epstein escaped justice when he killed himself in his New York cell while awaiting trail of sex trafficking last August.

His alleged madame Ghislaine Maxwell, 58, was arrested in July at her New Hampshire hideout as she is alleged to have recruited girls for him to abuse.

She faces six charges including transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity and perjury.

The Brit socialite faces almost a year in prison as she was denied bail while facing trial- with her day in court due next July.

Maxwell has pleaded not guilty, and her lawyers have accused the victims of trying to turn her into a scapegoat since the death of Epstein.

She is accused of being Epstein's "pimp" who would lure victims in by he was recruiting models of masseurs before introducing them to the pedophile.

The daughter of newspaper mogul Robert Maxwell, she is allegedly to have taken part in the grooming and abuse of dozens of underage girls by Epstein.

The current charges against her relate to allegations by three alleged victims in particular.

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