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JEOPARDY! fans were stunned after a contestant answered an eerie question about a pandemic in an episode that aired Tuesday night.

Some users immediately began to speculate if the question was a mere coincidence, or if it somehow was a prediction about the global COVID-19 outbreak, as the episode was filmed months ago.

The eerie question came during a Tuesday night episode of the show's College Championship, when Yale sophomore Nathaniel Miller selected a question from the "Health & Medicine" category during Double Jeopardy for $800.

Host Alex Trebek read off the prompt: "From a Greek word for 'people', it describes a disease that affects many people at one time.

Miller buzzed in, answering: "What is a pandemic?"

The Yale sophomore's correct answer left viewers shock, as the tournament was filmed at the beginning of February, according to The Ringer .

This meant the show was filmed a month before the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic.

The answer left viewers stunned, as they immediately began to speculate if the eerie answer was a mere coincidence, or some kind of foreboding prediction.

"@Jeopardy predicting the future," one user wrote.

One user questioned: "How far in advance does #Jeopardy tape and did Alex Trebek know something before our government did?"

Lindsey Schultz, a four-time Jeopardy champion herself, said: "Settles it. The @Jeopardy writers are wizards."

Some viewers were upset by the question.

"Are you kidding??" one user said, as they shared a picture of the prompt.

"Too soon Jeopardy," another user wrote.

"YIKES!!!!" another said.

As of Wednesday, more than 1.4 million cases of coronavirus have been confirmed worldwide, with over 83,000 deaths.


The U.S. alone has seen more than 400,000 cases, with nearly 5,500 deaths.

Competing against Miller in Jeopardy! game were Florida State University junior Sophie Casarico and University of Florida sophomore Kayla Kalhor.

Miller ended up winning the game with $24,000, making him a semi-finalist.

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