Joe Biden’s granddaughter Navy Joan does not receive any special security protection despite mother’s safety fears

JOE Biden’s illegitimate toddler granddaughter is not receiving any special protection from local law enforcement despite her mother's concerns for her safety, The Sun has discovered.

The two-year-old girl – identified in a family member's social media post as Navy Joan – is the love child of president-elect Biden's recovering drug addict son Hunter and Lunden Roberts.

Joe Biden has never met the child, who lies with her mother in a remote southern home.

Lunden – who 50-year-old Hunter reportedly met in Washington D.C. when she was working as a stripper – and her child are now reportedly entitled to special protection because she and her daughter are regarded as members of the President-elect's family.

But a source with connections to the Sheriff’s headquarters in the town where Lunden, 29, is living, which is not being named by The Sun, said: “The Sheriff is not aware of any extra security requirements and has not been contacted by any other agency such as the secret service about it.”

It is not clear whether the secret service or any other law enforcement agency is now providing the little girl and her family with special protection following her grandfather's election win.

Court paperwork filed by Lunden’s attorney during her 11-month paternity case against Hunter, which proved he is the child's father, expresses her and her family’s concerns.

The documents do not name the child, but say “Baby Doe’s paternity could put the child and those closest to the child at risk of harm for the same reasons the Biden family is protected by the United States Secret Service.”

Separate paperwork refers to the youngster by the initials "NJR".

A neighbor told The Sun: “The family will be concerned for their safety now more than ever.

“They were always worried about the scenario happening when Joe could be President.

“They are very protective of the child and Lunden and their welfare is very much the family’s main concern.”

It has also emerged Lunden’s family has posted pics of the tot online, even though the images do not show the baby’s face.

One pic taken on the little girl's second birthday shows the youngster in the arms of her mother and is captioned with the baby’s name.

Another video, also believed to be of the child, shows her toddling around the family home soon after her first birthday a year ago.

Lunden’s family members refused to comment further on their security fears when approached by The Sun.

Her attorney Clinton Lancaster said in an email: “I am not authorized to speak on matters related to Ms. Roberts’s family.  

“I can confirm that the child in this case is adorable, loved, safe, and very happy.”

Lunden herself is said to keep a low profile in her hometown.

She has purchased a plot of land where her brother-in-law’s construction business is building her a $200,000 home and is said to spend most of her time with her parents and with her sister and her family who live close by.

The Sun has also revealed how Joe Biden has never met his granddaughter, his seventh grandchild, or seen a photo of her showing her face.

Court documents filed by Lunden’s attorney earlier this year state Hunter has played no role in her upbringing.

The paperwork says “the child has had no exposure to the defendant.

“The defendant is a complete stranger to this child.”

Father-of-five Hunter and his family joined Joe onstage on Saturday night in Wilmington, DE, to celebrate Joe's apparent Presidential election win.

Hunter had denied paternity of Lunden’s child but it was proved by a DNA test taken nearly a year ago.

He has since agreed to pay monthly child support and health insurance, which started on April 1.

The Sun has told how the financial agreement Hunter has agreed to totals $2.5million.


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