Joker attempts to explode a watermelon with rubber bands

That’s one way to beat lockdown boredom! Joker’s painstaking attempt to explode a watermelon with rubber bands ends spectacularly

  • Jeremiah Warlick tests the strength of a watermelon with his comical video
  • The joker, believed to be from America, put more than 900 bands on the melon
  • He is nicknamed the ‘rubberband man’ after his hilarious explosion attempts
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

In a bid to cure coronavirus lockdown boredom, one man has come up with an unusual activity to pass the time – wrapping plastic bands around watermelons and waiting for them to explode – and the results are hilarious. 

Jeremiah Warlick, known as the ‘rubberband man’, shares his comical and often painstakingly long challenge videos online and his viewers find his reactions to the explosions hilarious.

The 18-minute-long watermelon challenge video sees Mr Warlick, believed to be from America, applying rubber bands onto the already bulging fruit.  

Joker Jeremiah Warlick has found a novel way to cure his coronavirus lockdown boredom – putting hundreds of rubber bands onto a watermelon until it explodes

The force of the watermelon exploding knocks the actor and comedian backwards on his chair and his legs hilariously flail in the air

Covered in what looks like white talc and wearing a pair of pink goggles, the actor and comedian rolls hundreds of stretchy bands down the watermelon.  

He comes across some obstacles along the way as the fruit nearly falls off the counter and it starts to make cracking noises. 

When he makes it to 900  juices from inside can be seen dripping from the top with the pressure. 

The watermelon opens on one side after Mr Warlick applies band number 943 and there is a pause while the bands make their way through the fruit

Mr Warlick becomes more and more nervous anticipating the explosion is imminent before a large split appears in the side of the melon on band 943. 

He holds it in his hands waiting but there is a few seconds delay before it suddenly bursts up and the strength of the explosion comically knocks Mr Warlick backwards in his chair.

The watermelon suddenly splits and the top half shoots up into the air leaving behind a trail of red fruit 

The joker has made several videos of him using rubber bands to explode watermelons with a range of results.

He has also done the same challenge on water balloons, bell peppers, a raw chicken and a bottle of milk.

To make his videos more interactive Mr Warlick asks his followers to guess how many bands they think it will take split the items. 

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