Kanye West could be charged with election fraud after using 'fake signatures on ballot papers'

ELECTION season has taken a turn for the worse for Kanye West, who may be charged with FRAUD after allegedly using fake signatures on ballot papers for his campaign.

The recent controversy is one of many issues the rapper and former Trump supporter has faced in his bid for the White House.

West has already been removed from the ballots of Illinois and New Jersey, according to mic.com.

Now, a complaint put forth in Wisconsin along with affidavits filed against West suggest the unorthodox campaign may have broken the law.

“If the affidavits are true … crimes were committed by the West campaign,” said Attorney Michael Maistelman.

Maiselman, who works for the Wisconsin Democratic Party, collected the affidavits.

One such statement put forth by a woman named Cheryl Pernell, asserts that she was tricked into signing the petition after being told that the paper she put her name on was for voter registration.

“…yesterday, August 6, I got a call telling me what I actually signed was papers to get Kanye West on the ballot,” Pernell said.

If I had known that, I wouldn’t have signed the papers, absolutely not. Kanye West would not get my vote and I think it’s a joke that he’s running for president.”

Political analyst April Ryan Tweeted on Saturday about the possibility of the invalid signatures opening up a criminal investigation.

“Two states declaring #KanyeWest ineligible to be on #POTUS ballot due to faulty signatures could open him up to an #ElectionFraud investigation,” she said.

In New Jersey, West submitted 1,327 signatures. However, attorney Scott Salmon found that over 600 of those signatures were faulty, with many of the names being written in identical handwriting.

In Illinois, inspection found that 1,928 West’s 3,218 signatures were false, putting him well under the 2,500 needed to appear on a ballot.

“[West] is virtually certain to be kicked off the ballot,” Ed Mullen, an attorney challenging West’s petitions had said of the Illinois debacle

The Wisconsin petition included a number of blatantly false names, including Mickey Mouse and Bernie Sanders. Sanders denied signing the document, according to USA Today.

“I cannot confirm Mickey Mouse," the former presidential candidate said, adding "But I can tell you I certainly did not sign that petition.”

It has been suggested that West’s campaign is backed by the GOP in an effort to siphon votes from Democratic candidate Joe Biden, however a recent poll has put West’s support in both the black community and the nation as a whole at a meagre two percent.

West has denied that his campaign committed fraud, and has asserted that the Democratic party is behind the challenges.

The accusation is part of an “organized effort of harassment and intimidation,” West said.

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