Kim Jong-un preparing to launch sub nuke missile capable of striking ANYWHERE in the world, satellite images suggest

KIM Jong-un is ready to launch a submarine capable of striking anywhere in the world with nuclear missiles, satellite images suggest.

Fresh pictures of North Korea's Sinpho South Shipyard indicate that the floating drydock has recently been repositioned alongside the construction hall's submarine launch quay.

According to analysis by experts from the think-tank Stimson Center, posted on 38north, it suggests the new ballistic missile submarine – which has been under construction for several years – may "be nearing completion or is ready to be rolled out and launched in the near future".

The piece adds: "Alternatively, the drydock may be there for rail alignment adjustment with those on the quay, as no submarine is known to have been launched from this location as of yet."

A further sign the vessel may be ready to launch, analysts say, is that Kim Jong-un visited the construction hall in July 2019 to inspect a submarine being modified to accommodate missile launch tubes.

The refurbishment of the construction hall and the quay was completed back in 2016, with the drydock brought back to the site at that time – thought to be for alignment testing.

There has been no evidence of any vessel being launched from there since, but recent changes indicate the North Korean leader could be preparing to launch a sub nuke.

A series of tests have already been carried out, including from submerged barges.

The 2,720-tonne submarine that is being constructed is understood to be designed to carry three ballistic missiles.

Analysts believe the presence of a floating drydock in its current location suggest preparation to move the submarine from the construction hall into the water.

US and South Korean intelligence are "thoroughly monitoring" developments at the shipyard. 

But under the terms of United Nations resolutions, North Korea is banned from firing ballistic missiles. 

It comes after chilling pictures showed North Korean generals laughing as Kim Jong-un raised hell with a cruise missile.

Last week, the rogue state fired two short-range ballistic rockets into the Sea of Japan during a terrifying weapons test.

Photos emerged of the tyrant's generals clapping and laughing at the successful test.

The images show the missiles were land-based cruise missiles believed to be capable to carrying nuclear warheads.

According to the Yonhap news agency, the rockets flew around 280 miles with an altitude of 37m, officials said.

This came after Kim's regime fired another short-ranged missile last Sunday.

Dictator Kim had not launched any missiles since April last year and the new tests are reportedly a reaction to joint military drills conducted by the US and South Korea this month.

Earlier this month it was reported that the hermit kingdom was preparing to carry out its "first nuclear weapons test" since Joe Biden took office.

US officials were reportedly on alert after scaled-down, simulated military exercises were conducted by the US and South Korea last week, CNN reported.

The Covid pandemic had previously limited such joint military drills to computer simulations.

The White House has said North Korea has avoided engaging in talks with the US since Biden's took office on January 20.

Dictator Kim had three summits with Trump and exchanged a number of letters but failed to stop developing warheads and ballistic missiles.

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