Lamborghini Huracan Spyder totaled 20 minutes after leaving showroom

A “brand new” Lamborghini was totaled in a crash — just 20 minutes after being taken out of the showroom, UK police said.

The unlucky driver behind the wheel of a black Lamborghini Huracan Spyder — which reportedly start at just under $265,000 for 2020 models — stopped due to a mechanical failure Wednesday on the M1 in West Yorkshire when it was struck from behind by an “innocent motorist,” West Yorkshire police tweeted.

“It’s only a car!” the post read. “#couldhavecried”

The driver of the second vehicle, a van, suffered head injuries in the crash, but was not seriously hurt, BBC News reports.

Part of the highway had to be shut down to clear out the Lamborghini and the van, causing huge delays, Yorkshire Live reports.

The driver behind the wheel of the quarter-million-dollar sports car, meanwhile, has not been immediately identified. It’s also unclear where the vehicle was picked up and if it was a new or used model, according to the BBC.

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