Letter from Trump attorneys reveals what's inside Mar-a-Lago docs

Trump attorneys reveal Mar-a-Lago classified documents contained notes from calls with foreign leaders: Ex-President’s lawyers suggest White House staff ‘swiped’ files from his desk and DOJ should ‘stand down’ over ‘botched investigation’

  • Trump’s attorneys wrote to House Intelligence Chair Mike Turner urging Congress to get more involved in the classified documents investigation
  • The foreign leader call notes were included in 15 boxes of classified documents from Mar-a-Lago that attorneys handed over months before the raid

Classified documents from Mar-a-Lago contained notes prepared for former President Trump’s calls with foreign leaders, according to a letter from Trump attorneys obtained by DailyMail.com in which they also lambasted the Department of Justice for conducting a ‘botched’ investigation.

A scathing letter from Trump’s attorneys Timothy Parlatore, Jim Trusty, John Rowley and Lindsey Halligan was sent to House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Mike Turner, R-Ohio, Wednesday.

They slammed the Department of Justice’s handling of the investigation thus far and encouraged Congress to take a more active role in the matter.

The letter, first reported by CNN, says that there were 15 boxes from Mar-a-Lago that Trump’s attorneys handed over to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in January 2022. Additional documents were seized by the FBI and handed over to NARA after a raid of Mar-a-Lago months laster in August 2022.

Two of Trump’s lawyers, Trusty and Parlatore, were able to review the contents of the 15 boxes earlier this year and saw ‘placeholder pages’ where classified materials were removed by the archives.

‘The boxes contain all manner of documents from the White House, are loosely grouped by date, and include newspapers, magazines, notes, letters, and daily schedules,’ they wrote in the letter. ‘Following its review of the materials, NARA inserted placeholder pages where it had removed documents with classification markings.’

Trump is being investigated by the Department of Justice for classified documents from his time as president

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago private home in Florida was raided by the FBI last August

Included in the boxes were ‘briefings’ for the former president’s phone calls with foreign leaders, they say. 

‘The vast majority of the placeholder inserts refer to briefings for phone calls with foreign leaders that were located near the schedule for those calls,’ the letter stated. 

‘This organization of materials (i.e., schedule of calls for the day, insert page for briefing sheet to prepare for the call, newspapers from the same day) indicates that the White House staff simply swept all documents from the President’s desk and other areas into boxes, where they have resided ever since.’

Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed special counsels to investigate the classified documents taken from Trump and President Biden’s residences. 

Jack Smith, who was appointed to Trump’s case, is reportedly close to wrapping up his findings. 

Classified documents were also found in former Vice President Mike Pence’s Indiana home. 

Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed special counsels to investigate the classified documents taken from Trump and President Biden’s residences

The Trump lawyers take issue with how each case into Trump, Biden and Pence have been conducted in different manners. 

‘Please know that despite the differences in the cases, we do not believe that any of these three matters should be handled by DOJ as a criminal case,’ the attorneys write.

‘Rather, the stakeholders to these matters should set aside political differences and work together to remediate this issue and help to enhance our national security in the process.’

‘The solution to these issues is not a misguided, politically infected, and severely botched criminal investigation, but rather a legislative solution,’ the letter concludes.

‘DOJ should be ordered to stand down, and the intelligence community should instead conduct an appropriate investigation and provide a full report to this Committee, as well as your counterparts in the Senate.’

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