Man trapped for 10 HOURS in -3C Storm Gail with no heat after plow completely covers his car in four feet of snow

A MAN was trapped for ten HOURS in -3C Storm Gail after an idiotic plow driver completely covered his car with four feet of snow.

Incredibly, a trooper digging through piles of snow struck the vehicle's windshield, and he was able to rescue hypothermia-stricken Kevin Kresen in New York.

On December 17, Sergeant Jason Cawley had contacted Tioga County 911 to see if any emergency calls were pending due to Storm Gail.

He was told they had received a number of emergency calls from a driver who had run off the road and needed help, but law enforcement in the area had not located the missing man.

Sgt Cawley drove to the section of State Route 17C in the town of Owego, in the Campville area, and patrolled the area himself – but also could not find the vehicle.

However, while driving in the area, he spotted what appeared to be a row of mailboxes and waded through the thick snow to check the addresses.

The New York State Police said that while digging through the snow, he hit the windshield of a car.

And trapped inside the car was a very grateful – but seriously ill – driver who had been making 911 call, Kevin Kresen, 58, of Candor.

He explained that he had been plowed in by a truck, covering his car with about four feet of snow.

After being stranded for more than ten hours, with no heat due to a broken serpentine belt, the man was suffering from hypothermia and frostbite, the troopers added.

The frozen man was removed from the vehicle and taken to Lourdes Hospital for treatment.

When the force shared news of his dramatic rescue on Twitter, impressed Todd Schuster replied: "God Bless this officer and best wishes for a full recovery Kevin.

"OMG unbelievable storm, cannot imagine the horror you went through, being stranded all those hours with no heat. God is good."

Michael Brigano tweeted: “Great job blue”, while others responded with “wow!!”

City of Binghamton Mayor Rich David declared a State of Emergency for the city due to the snowstorm, which dumped over three feet of snow while hit by Storm Gail.

What was dubbed the "worst winter storm in a decade" left at least six people dead and saw 1,000 crashes as three feet of snow and 50mph gales sweep across the northeast.

The blizzard raged from Virginia to Maine on Wednesday, with two feet of snow forecast in Pennsylvania and 12 inches expected in New York City, where the heaviest snowfall in 10 years already caused traffic accidents.

At least three people were killed in car crashes during the storm, which has placed more than 60million people under weather warnings as Winter Storm Gail, the first major snowstorm of the season, pummeled several states.

The snowstorm resulted in a wave of power outages in Virginia and New Jersey – and the wild conditions are expected to continue beyond Thursday until Christmas.

In Pennsylvania, police said two people were killed in a pile-up involving dozens of cars, while a 19-year-old man was killed in a car crash in Virginia.

One person died in Snyder County after they lost control of their car on the roads.

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