Martin Bashir says fake statements were shown AFTER Diana intro

Martin Bashir ‘claims fake bank statements were shown to Earl Spencer AFTER he met Princess Diana and were NOT used to gain his trust ahead of Panorama interview’

  • Martin Bashir says faked bank documents not used to gain Earl Spencer’s trust
  • Instead he claims they were shown after his introduction to Princess Diana
  • Journalist facing a probe into how he secured the 1995 Panorama interview 

Martin Bashir says fake bank statements were only shown to Earl Spencer after he met Princess Diana and were not used to gain the trust of her brother.

The journalist is facing an independent investigation into how he secured the explosive Panorama interview with Princess Diana in 1995 about her marriage to Prince Charles.

Bashir previously admitted ordering mocked-up financial documents by a BBC graphics artist.

Martin Bashir says the faked statements were not used to gain the trust of Earl Spencer to instigate a meet, as he had already met Diana, ahead of their infamous interview in 1995 (pictured)

But according to the Telegraph the 59-year-old, currently the BBC’s religious affairs editor, says they were shown to Earl Spencer after his initial introduction to his sister, Princess Diana.

The claim goes against previous reports which claimed the faked documents were shown to him to gain his trust and earn a meeting with the princess.

Earl Spencer says he introduced the pair, leading to the interview.

The revelation comes days after Bashir blamed Diana for the royal smears he allegedly spun to clinch his Panorama scoop with her.

Martin Bashir, the BBC’s religious affairs editor, faces a probe into the Panorama chat with the princess

Giving evidence to the official inquiry into how he secured the historic interview, Mr Bashir denied inventing preposterous lies about the royals.

Earl Spencer  claimed to have introduced the pair, leading to the interview.

Instead, he is said to have claimed that Diana herself – and the ‘mystics’ she consulted – were more likely to be responsible for the outlandish remarks.

Former Supreme Court judge Lord Dyson’s inquiry is examining claims the BBC covered up a trail of deceit and forgery, and that Bashir allegedly peddled 32 lies and vile smears to land his interview.

Last year Diana’s brother Earl Spencer gave details of a string of alleged falsehoods Bashir allegedly told Diana to gain her trust, including cruelly pretending he had evidence her staff were spying on her.

The alleged smears included an allegation that Prince Edward was being treated for Aids in a London hospital, the Queen was a ‘comfort eater’ with ‘heart problems’, and Prince Charles was ‘in love’ with their children’s nanny, Tiggy Legge-Bourke, and went on a secret holiday with her.

The Panorama interview is thought to have led to the Queen demanding that Charles and Diana swiftly divorce.

Lord Dyson, who is expected to heavily criticise Bashir as well as senior corporation executives, will deliver his findings late next month or in early May. 

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