Meghan Markle slammed for NOT ruling out Prince Philip in racism claim

Megyn Kelly slams Meghan Markle for claiming someone in Royal Family is a racist but NOT ruling out ‘suffering 99-year-old’ Prince Philip as Twitter mob starts to speculate

  • Harry and Meghan claimed unnamed royal was worried about Archie’s skin tone 
  • Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly says this led to social media speculation 
  • No suggestion that Philip, 99, who is still in hospital in London, is responsible

The Duchess of Sussex was criticised today for not specifically ruling out the Duke of Edinburgh when sensationally accusing a Royal Family member of racism.

Harry and Meghan claimed a royal, whom they both refused to identify, was worried about how dark their son Archie’s skin tone might be before he was born.

But former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly said the lack of a name had led to social media speculation mounting in the US over the person being Prince Philip.

There is no suggestion that the 99-year-old Duke was responsible, and Buckingham Palace has not yet commented on the claims made in the Oprah Winfrey interview. 

The claims relating to Philip may have been made because of his famous history of gaffes, but ITV royal correspondent Chris Ship told Good Morning Britain today that he had been told it was neither the Queen nor Prince Philip who made the remark.

Philip was taken to King Edward VII Hospital in London on February 16 for treatment for an infection, before having heart surgery at St Bartholomew’s Hospital last week.

Speaking to ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Ms Kelly said: ‘Her implication that someone in the Royal Family objected to her having a baby of colour could, right here, the speculation on Twitter is that it was Prince Philip, right, so I don’t know who it was.

‘But while the guy’s in a hospital you might want to put like a corral around him, and say I can tell you it’s not the suffering 99-year-old – I don’t know, something, to throw the guy a bone.’

There had been growing calls over the past week for Harry and Meghan to postpone their two-hour interview for CBS out of respect for Philip and his ill health.

In the interview, Meghan said, when she was pregnant with Archie, an unnamed member of the royal family raised ‘concerns and conversations about how dark his skin might be when he’s born’.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are pictured during their interview with Oprah Winfrey

The American duchess is the first mixed race person to marry a British senior royal in modern history. A stunned Oprah asked: ‘What? Who is having that conversation?’

Meghan paused and said there were ‘several conversations’ with Harry about Archie’s skin tone, and ‘what that would mean or look like’.

Asked whether there were concerns that her child would be ‘too brown’ and that would be a problem, Meghan said: ‘If that is the assumption you are making, that is a pretty safe one.’

Pushed by Oprah on who had those conversations, Meghan refused to say, adding: ‘I think that would be very damaging to them.’

Prince Philip is pictured during a military ceremony at Windsor Castle on July 22 last year

Harry refused to give further details, adding: ‘That conversation, I am never going to share. At the time it was awkward, I was a bit shocked.’

The Duke also said that none of his relatives spoke out in support of Meghan following the alleged racism he said she faced in the media.

‘No-one from my family ever said anything over those three years. That hurts,’ Harry said.

‘But I also am acutely aware of where my family stand, and how scared they are of the tabloids turning on them.’

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan hold Archie in Cape Town while visiting in September 2019

Meghan spoke of her upset, particularly with the Commonwealth being such an important factor for the monarchy.

The duchess said: ‘I could never understand how it wouldn’t be seen as an added benefit and a reflection of the world today at all times, but especially right now, to go how inclusive is that you can see someone who looks like you in this family, much less one who’s born into it.’

The Sussexes have been vocal supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly speaks to ITV’s Good Morning Britain today

Meghan previously delivered an impassioned Black Lives Matter speech to her old high school following the death of George Floyd in the US, sharing her ‘absolute devastation’ at racial divisions.

Harry has also outlined his personal commitment to tackling institutional racism in a message to children and young adults at The Diana Awards ceremony.

But he admitted in the past that his privileged upbringing as a member of the royal family meant he had no understanding of unconscious racial bias.

Harry said it took him many years – and the experience of ‘living’ in wife Meghan’s shoes – to recognise the issue. 

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