Millionaire dad of two HS2 eco-warriors holed up in tunnels underneath London says 'I'm so proud of them'

THE millionaire dad of two young HS2 protesters holed up in a tunnel beneath London has today told of his pride in his children.

Scottish laird Roc Sandford spoke out as fears grew for the safety of the five eco-warriors living under Euston for more than 100 hours to halt the £98billion project.

The group – which includes long-term activist Swampy, as well as siblings Blue and Lazer Sandford, 18 and 20 – say water is pouring in through the tunnel, risking its total collapse, while HS2 bosses say they're in danger of suffocating.

Private school pupil Blue, who lives between her father's private Scots island and her mum's home in West London, has vowed to stay underground – despite her concerns for the tunnel's safety.

And Mr Sandford, 63, has admitted he feels ready to "collapse with fear".

He said: “I'm always begging them to be careful, and I sometimes feel like I'm going to collapse with fear, but I'm also so proud of what they are achieving.”

And the wealthy landowner, a long-standing environmental campaigner, says he supports the efforts of his children.

"We’re putting children in danger by using petrol, diesel, gas. This puts carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which makes it heat up like a sauna, which causes food shortages, floods, burning forests and wars," he said.

"It’s not a video game or a disaster movie.

"It's real and it’s happening now all over the world, and soon it will be happening to us.

"Top climate scientists are saying governments like ours are risking killing almost all our children. It’s as simple as that.”

Sandford lives on Gometra, a tiny off-grid island off the west coast of Scotland.

There are no roads or mains electricity and access to his remote home is via two ferries from the mainland followed by an eight-mile walk.

Mr Sandford has urged the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to intervene in London before protesters are hurt.

He said: “It is clear that a dangerous situation is rapidly evolving, which is within HSE's statutory obligations to address with utmost urgency. This is an emergency.

The tunnel has already seen five soil collapses.

"Heads will roll at HSE on this, ideally at the top.

"They need to get in there before someone gets seriously hurt."

I've been going through a really dark and miserable place knowing I could lose them.

Part of the tunnel has already collapsed five times, and the campaigners have warned they're reaching "tipping point" as water pours into the tunnel and bailiffs try to turf them out.

Mr Sandford said: “My son Lazer was injured by a tree root dropped on him from nine feet up.

“This is putting lives at risk."

He said his children are "being besieged" – adding: "I understand why they are doing it.

"They don’t have a choice.

"It’s so scary and I've been going through a really dark and miserable place knowing I could lose them.

"They are so brave to do this."

Officials at HS2 said: “Further heavy rain and sleet is forecast, which could lead to the tunnel becoming even more unstable.

"We are concerned that the occupants of the tunnel are now impeding efforts to help them, shutting themselves off underground, and preventing us from checking air quality as we supply them with air.

"As carbon dioxide can build up in the tunnel, they are putting themselves in even greater danger."

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