Miracle boy, 7, thrown from 10th floor balcony of Tate Modern has taken first steps alone since horror attack

A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD boy who nearly died after he was thrown from a 10th floor balcony at London's Tate Modern has miraculously taken his first unaided steps.

Jonty Bravery, 19, picked up the child he didn’t know and hurled him 100ft to the ground inflicting horrific life-changing injuries.

But the unnamed victim, who was on holiday in the UK with his parents when the attempted murder happened, is bravely defying the odds to fight back to fitness.

In an incredible achievement, the lad – dubbed a “little knight” – has taken his first steps without support since the attack in August 2019.

The child’s devastated parents – who live with him in France – watched as for months he was too weak to even speak following the attack at the art gallery in central London.

But the brave lad was last week able to take his first standing shower since the incident.

And he has also regained the vocal strength to make his toys speak when he plays with them, and can also now hum and sing.

In a joint statement, the boy’s parents said: “Regarding the progress of our little knight, he received new leg splints, lighter and more efficient.

“We are pleased to announce to you that with them, our son took his first steps alone, during physiotherapy and with us!

“Of course, this is possible only under increased surveillance, because he can fall at any time.

“But the few metres he performs delight him and us too.”

They added: “He still has a slightly nasal voice when he speaks, but he gets more and more breath, thanks to the work done with the speech and language therapist and to the training with the blowpipe.

“He also begins to make his toys talk when he plays. Until now, he had not enough strength to do that and used to play silently.

“This brings back a bit of life and normality to our daily life.

“Furthermore, we now come to recognize some of the melodies he hums.

“Similarly, we can recognize small pieces of lyrics from the songs he tries to learn again. He also improved writing and reading too.

“This is a big step forward for the recovery of his memory.

“It remains fragile, but learning is possible again, little by little, which gives us hope for the future.”


The boy suffered a bleed to the brain, multiple broken bones, and reportedly needs constant care until at least 2022.

So far, a crowdfunder set up to aid his recovery has raised a staggering £264,000.

The boy’s parents added: “Luckily we have not been locked down again and our son can now benefit from the out-patient therapy.

“He undergoes rehabilitation therapy at hospital everyday and he sleeps at home every evening, so that we finally experience a family life again since January, which is so enjoyable.

“It is an important turning point and the changes in our life are significant.”

Bravery was sentenced to detention for life, with a minimum of 15 years, at the Old Bailey in June after pleading guilty to attempted murder.

In December, a judge dismissed his appeal against his sentence for attempted murder.

Bravery was also given an extra 14 weeks’ jail time in December for two counts of common assault following attacks at Broadmoor hospital in Berkshire, while he was on remand for the first incident.

Speaking after his appeal was quashed, the child’s parents said: “Although we are now far away from him at great distance, we are extremely relieved to know that he will not be able anymore to end up in a public space and commit new crimes.

“We are thankful to the UK justice and courts system for helping to protect other children in that way.”

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