Mom of Ahmaud Arbery says she ‘strongly believes’ third man who filmed shooting ‘was involved’ in killing – The Sun

AHMAUD Arbery's mother says she "strongly believes" that the man who videoed her son being shot is "involved" in the killing.

Ex-cop George McMichael and his son Travis have been charged with murder in Arbery's death – and his mother now tells Dr. Phil that she believes a third man is guilty.

"I strongly believe that he was involved," Wanda Cooper Jones told Dr. Phil of William Roddie Bryan in an interview.

"I mean – he videoed it," Arbery's mom said.

William Roddie Bryan videoed the encounter, when Arbery, 25, was fatally shot while out jogging in Georgia on February 23.

Arbery, who is black, was reportedly unarmed when he was killed.

Bryan has claimed he had nothing to do with the alleged attack on Arbery and said he fears for his life as he's getting death threats.

Arbery's mother, however, told Dr. Phil she believes that Bryan was involved.

"He said, 'I had nothing to do with it," Dr. Phil said to Arbery's mother of Bryan.

"This is your baby boy. What do you want to see happen?" Dr. Phil questioned Cooper.

"I want all involved prosecuted to the highest," Cooper said.

Phil then questioned Arbery's mother if she believes that three people are involved in her son's killing.

"Yes," Arbery's mother said.

Arbery was fatally shot on February 23 when he was out running in Brunswick, Georgia.

No arrests were made in the case until May, after video of the incident was leaked online, prompting public outrage.

Video footage appears to show Arbery in a white t-shirt and shorts as he runs past a truck.

Two white men carrying guns are seen, and shouting is heard.

There is then a scuffle between one of the men and Arbery, and gun shots are fired.

Arbery then collapses on the ground.

On May 7, George McMichael, 64, and his son Travis, 34, were arrested and charged with murder and aggravated assault.

George McMichael said in a police report that he believed Arbery looked like the suspect from a series of break-ins, BBC reported.

Arbery's mother told cops that her son was involved in a burglary before the incident.

His family has maintained that Arbery did not commit a crime on the February 23 incident, however, and that he was unarmed.

Arbery's dad said his son was "hunted."

"If he committed a crime, why don’t you call the authorities?” Marcus, Ahmaud Arbery's father said to WSB-TV.

“But you came at him like you were hunting an animal.”

His mother described to Dr. Phil the emotions she's felt following her son's death.

"It's a feeling that I would never put on another mother," Cooper said.

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