Moment teens grab girl as she tries to jump from bridge after cops fear TikTok vids are behind spate of suicide attempts

A GROUP of teenagers boldly stepped in and stopped a girl feared to be inspired by a deadly TikTok trend from taking her own life, as she ascended a railing to jump off a bridge.

The youngsters were making their way across the bridge in the town of Kropotkin in the Russian region of Krasnodar Krai when they spotted the girl's supposed suicide attempt.

In the footage, a teen sporting a white coat with a fur-trim can be seen looking out from the bridge and clinging to its surrounding fencing before the group walk by.

She then hoists herself up onto the handrail and swings her right leg over the top of the barrier, before the unsuspecting teens realise and rush to her rescue.

They can be seen grabbing onto her legs and pulling her back to safety, as she emotionally collapses in their arms, before they hand her over to the police.


EVERY 90 minutes in the UK a life is lost to suicide.

It doesn't discriminate, touching the lives of people in every corner of society – from the homeless and unemployed to builders and doctors, reality stars and footballers.

It's the biggest killer of people under the age of 35, more deadly than cancer and car crashes.

And men are three times more likely to take their own life than women.

Yet it's rarely spoken of, a taboo that threatens to continue its deadly rampage unless we all stop and take notice, now.

That is why The Sun launched the You're Not Alone campaign.

The aim is that by sharing practical advice, raising awareness and breaking down the barriers people face when talking about their mental health, we can all do our bit to help save lives.

Let's all vow to ask for help when we need it, and listen out for others… You're Not Alone.

If you, or anyone you know, needs help dealing with mental health problems, the following organisations provide support:

  • CALM,, 0800 585 858
  • Heads Together,
  • Mind,, 0300 123 3393
  • Papyrus,, 0800 068 41 41
  • Samaritans,, 116 123

One of the teens, Alexander, told local media, "When we walked about five metres past her, my friend noticed her starting to climb the fence and said she was about to jump.

"I just turned and ran, and grabbed her leg. Then others came along and helped to bring her down."

The young girl is currently in hospital receiving counselling and an investigation has been launched into the incident.

Authorities are concerned the apparent suicide attempt was inspired by a terrifying TikTok trend, where users were encouraged to kill themselves.

The disturbing clips were only removed after they had already been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, according to local media.

Amid increasing apprehension about the reported distressingly dark videos appearing on the app, the chairman ofInvestigative Committee of Russia called for a ban on all pro-suicide content.

Take control of TikTok – change these settings now

Parents should do the following immediately…

Go private:

  • Head into Settings > Privacy and Safety and look for the Discoverability heading at the top.
  • Under that you'll see a setting called Private Account. Toggle this on.
  • TikTok recommends your page to lots of other users to improve video circulation.
  • Switch the setting off and the account will no longer be recommended to other users.

Shut out weirdos:

  • In Privacy and Safety > Safety, you can prevent other users from interacting with you.
  • Most of the settings are on Everyone by default, but can be changed to Friends or Off.
  • You can prevent interactions on comments, Duets, Reacts, users seeing which videos you've liked, and also messages.

Restricted Mode ON:

  • Restricted Mode tries to limit age-inappropriate content from appearing for children.
  • It's not perfect, and works through using computer-scanning systems – so some dodgy content will inevitably be missed.
  • It's also possible to set a passcode to prevent your child from changing this setting later on.
  • You'll find this in Settings > Digital Wellbeing > Screen Time Management.

Alexander Bastrykin demanded the censure of all related accounts and hashtags promoting deadly viral challenges.

TikTok has pledged to instate "groundbreaking" new restriction rules targeted at under 16s, to try and prevent grooming on the app.

Users under 16 will no longer be able to get comments from strangers or be able to mark their posts as available to download or duet.

It comes after a spate of suicides seemingly related to the video-sharing platform.

A recent incident in Novorossiysk ended in tragedy when an 11-year-old girl reportedly jumped from a window.

American Tik Tok star Dazhariaa Quint Noyes – known as 'bxbygirldee'-  hanged herself in February. The 18-year-old vlogger shared snippets of her life and completed viral challenges in her posts.

A 48-year-old woman in Italy was accused of inciting suicide after a ten-year-old girl died taking part in an asphyxiation challenge that she had shared.

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