Moment thug kicks dog in attack filmed by passer-by on a bus

Moment thug kicks dog in the head in shocking attack filmed by passer-by on a bus

  • The hooded man is seen kicking his cowering dog on a North London street
  • The RSPCA is investigating the incident that happened at 4:10pm on 26 March

A hooded thug is being hunted by investigators after he was filmed kicking his dog on a North London street. 

The tracksuit wearing brute was filmed attacking the cowering animal in broad daylight, by a passenger on the back of a double-decker bus. 

The yob is seen pulling his dog by the lead, before kicking it in the head, in a video filmed by a shocked member of the public from the safety of the departing bus. 

The RSPCA is now investigating the incident, that happened on Hazellville Road in Islington, North London at 4:10pm on 26 March, after the witness reported it to the animal welfare charity. 

Nicola Thomas, an animal rescue officer at the RSPCA, said the charity is hoping locals will come forward with information.

The attacker was filmed kicking the cowering animal by a passenger on a double-decker bus 

The incident happened on Hazelville Road in Islington, North London at 4:10pm on 26 March

‘This is a very upsetting incident and we are concerned for the dog’s welfare,’ Thomas said. 

‘We’re hoping that by releasing this footage, someone will come forward with information so we can check on the dog,’ she added. 

‘It is absolutely wrong to treat an animal like this and the dog is clearly scared. Anyone with information should contact us in complete confidence.’

Locals were quick to note the man – who appears in the video wearing a light grey tracksuit – was only wearing socks while carrying out the attack. 

The video shows the brutal attacker holding his dog’s leash in one hand and a pair of black slider sandals in the other.  

Danielle Freeborn said the man’s lack of shoes might provide a clue to where he lives. 

‘Must live in block right next to where he was walking,’ Freeborn said. ‘Wonder if the RSPCA noticed he’s in socks.’

Hayley Ormsby added: ‘I really, really hope someone kicks him bad.’

Carolyn Watson echoed this and said: ‘Hope someone knows him and gives him a good kick, cowardly scumbag.’

In a statement, the RSPCA said it is appealing for information as it called on any witnesses to contact the charity confidentially on 0300 123 8018.  

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