More caravans arrive at 'Dale Farm II' as aerial pictures show how much the site has grown in just a couple of months

TRAVELLERS have continued building "Dale Farm II" on green belt land – despite two judges ordering them to stop.

The landowner of the five-acre site in Wickford, Essex, was told to halt development in March.

But the following day 28 lorries loaded with an estimated 460 tonnes of hardcore arrived at the Hovefields plot.

And aerial photos show how more caravans have arrived on the green belt plot over the past two months.

In October Basildon Council took the case to the High Court where a first injunction to stop building on the land was granted.

Residents fear the site could be bigger than Dale Farm – once the largest illegal travellers' site in Europe.

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Jill Walsh, of the Hovefields Residents' Association, says the Travellers are "sticking two fingers up to the law".

In March residents told of their horror after 30 lorries laden with 600 tons of building material arrived at the site in Wickford, Essex.

And these new snaps reveal the extent of the development taking place on green belt land.

Six neatly parcelled plots fenced off from each-other contain mobile homes.

The area, which is about the size of three football pitches also has vehicles parked on it.

The worrying development is just three miles from the infamous Dale Farm camp that was the centre of a ten-year eviction battle that ended up costing £7million.

Up to 50 new families could move on to the site – prompting the Hovefields Residents Association to call for help.

Speaking in March, Jill Walsh, from the association, said: "This is going to be a case of Dale Farm eat your heart out.

"It will have nothing on Hovefields.

"The council has a High Court injunction so they are perfectly able to prosecute.

"There is clear and irrefutable evidence that there are breaches of the injunction going on.

"They are dilly dallying and are just not doing it."

Jill told The Sun how she suffered seven years of "hell" at the hands of Travellers.

In a statement released by the association it is claimed one family living in a house close to the site had fencing and a section of their garden destroyed by a mechanical digger.

Dale Farm was once the largest illegal travellers’ site in Europe.

But the six-acre plot near Basildon, Essex, wasn't cleared until October 2011 as bailiffs and cops fought pitched battles.

At its height more than 1,000 people were living there and it was at the centre of a decade-long planning row which cost taxpayers almost £7million.

Travellers started to pitch up at the green belt site in 2001.

Four years later they were ordered to leave Dale Farm after a planning inspector declared the development illegal.

Now locals in Hovefields fear the new site is to become Dale Farm, Mark II.

Jenny Mace, chairman of the residents' association, said residents are "horrified" by the developments and in "total despair" with Basildon Council.

She said: "Any breach of these injunctions is a contempt of court yet Basildon Council has repeatedly refused to initiate legal proceedings against the culprits who are in contempt.

"This effectively has sent out a message to members of the gypsy/traveller community that they can do what they like as Basildon Council will not take any action against them.

"They have totally betrayed their duty of care towards our law-abiding residents and the wider community."

The council confirmed the new site is on green belt land.

Last month haunting images showed the scorched ruins of the Dale Farm site.

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