Mother, 31, ‘confessed she tried to strangle her kids’ because ‘she’s a bad mom who couldn’t care for them’ – The Sun

A WASHINGTON mom tried to throttle her two children as she scorned herself as a “bad mother who can’t take care of them”, cops allege.

Hina Sadia, 31, told a 911 dispatcher that her son, two, and four-year-old daughter were not going to contribute to society, so it would be better if they were dead.

Fife Police Department said that they were called at 4.40pm on May 17 "to a report of a possible homicide.

"The caller advised 911 they had just killed their daughter and that they were going to kill their baby boy.

"Officers immediately responded to the scene, finding an unconscious four year old female and an alert two year old male."

Both children were naked, in the bathtub.

Sadia's daughter was "completely limp and not moving" while the toddler was "sobbing".

The police said the kids' dad lives at home with the family, but he was away at a store when their mom allegedly tried to kill them.

Cops carried out first aid until Tacoma Fire personnel arrived on the scene.


Fife's assistant chief, Dave Woods, told reporters the four-year-old was not responsive, and so they began CPR.

The children were taken to Mary Bridge Hospital, where the little girl remains in a critical condition.

Her brother is being held for observation.

Fife Police alleged that, during an interview, the mom admitted to intentionally injuring her children.

She was booked into the Pierce County Jail on two counts of attempted murder.

Sadia – who has no previous criminal history – has since appeared in Pierce County Superior Court, reports Komo News.

Court documents said that when Sadia phoned 911, she told the emergency dispatcher, "I am a bad mother and I cannot take care of my kids."

The mom told investigators she felt like she was failing to do anything for the siblings, according to the court records.

She also assumed they would not contribute to society, so believed it was better if they were dead.

Sadia remains in custody, on a $1million bond, and will next appear in court on June 15.

Assistant chief Dave Wood told reporters: "It’s baffling to us, it’s baffling to our investigators, it’s baffling to the father at this point.

“We aren’t sure why it took place.

“In my 32 years in law enforcement we’ve never experienced anything like that in our city.”

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